Friday, April 07, 2006


NEAT publicity idea

One of my friends ordered a book through and was wowed to discover that what she received was a brand-new copy, autographed by the author himself!!

I've often thought of doing a promotion with, as I've been an active member there since 2002. I even have a few fun ideas, too.

But this was a really nice and classy touch on the author's part. I hope that when it's my turn, I remember this (that means you guys get to remind me!) and can make a few fans that way.

Here's the skinny on the book: Sex, Ghosts, and Gumshoes

Tell 'em we here at West of Mars sent you. ;)

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I'm getting a copy of this book from the author via PBS also. :)
He offered to send me one; I think I mentioned that on the relay forums. Haven't seen it yet, though.

I also offered to do an e-mail interview with him that we could try to use to drum up publicity, but I didn't hear back and I'm worried his response was a casualty of my server trouble last week.
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