Tuesday, April 04, 2006


A Place for Musings

The Tour Manager and I were talking at dinner the other night about whether or not Mitchell had a sweet tooth. We agreed that no, he doesn't, but our reasons differed.

My reason -- and the right reason, since I'm the one who created Mitchell Voss in the first place -- was that Mitchell likes fresh food and fresh-tasting food. Sweets can be cloying. So while he likes some, he doesn't have a sweet tooth. You'll never fight him at the dessert table at a wedding. Not that he goes to many weddings, but that's another story altogether.

The Tour Manager's reason was that since Mitchell likes to grill, he's a carnivore. Umm... good thinking, honey, but no. I mean, this is the man who met his wife as he deliberated about a tomato!

(Yes, I promise to get the Tomato outtake up.)

This led me to realize that I really have nowhere to share these fun moments and musings about Mitchell, Kerri, Trevor, and the rest of ShapeShifter and the crew of Riverview, USA. So... here we are. A place for musings.

Stay tuned; there will be more. And if you haven't been to west of Mars yet, what are you waiting for?

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