Saturday, April 08, 2006


Fiction Outtake: Rain

This is a mini-scene that popped into my head two nights ago. I have no clue where it belongs or anything about it other than it provides great color.

Mitchell nudged Kerri awake. When she tilted her face, pressed against his shoulder, up toward him, he whispered, "Rain."

She listened. Sure enough, she could hear the rain beating on the bus and the sound of water being pushed aside by large wheels.

"Rain," she whispered back and pressed more firmly against him and promptly fell back asleep.

Some would call this the mindless ramblings of an insomniac, but I think I come up with pretty cool stuff in the middle of the night.

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Yippee! Now I can bug you and comment on your posts. ;)
Bug away, girlfriend.

And don't forget to help expand my readership!! Wishlist books for your efforts!
Nice bit of color.... reminds me of half wajking up at night to hear the rain on the sky-light, and mumbling to Jimmy as we cuddle.
Totally something I can relate to, so if it were me, I would find a place for it in one of your books.
Sure, but where? The band's outgrown the tourbus scene by the time of Behold Me... guess I'll have to write a book between Trevor and Behold Me, huh?

Wait. I already did. It's horrible, actually and needs waaaaaay lotta work, but it exists... *wink*
What fun this was.
and you did... this was a wonderful "mini" scene,, and will be excellent to refer back to at any point...
That's how I feel when it rains, beautiful moment. Thank you.

I liked this - I could picture that scene and it was just enough for the moment. I can't understand why people complain about insomnia, it can be put to good use with a little imagination :)
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