Monday, April 10, 2006


Would he, or wouldn't he?

My friend Marcinyc posted a picture from her recent trip to Seattle. It's of a sign, a very old sign, outside a hotel. It is red neon and it says, "Hotel" and something about rooms being 75c.

My first thought was that it was the sort of place that Trevor would love.

But then my second thought was that he'd pretend to love it. He'd go in once to look around, nothing more -- although he'd take a girl in with him, of course -- and then he'd have a convenient excuse to beg off from returns in the future, no matter how cheap the rooms and how broke he was.

Because, after all, one broke chick didn't mean they all were and it was only a matter of finding the right one -- one willing to pay for a nicer place, if she didn't have one already waiting.

Want me to write the scene for you? Leave me enough comments and I will!

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For those who are wondering - this is the sign! :) Glad I could serve as inspiration!
You can tell I was describing it from memory, huh? ;)

Inspiration strikes where it will. But it's always awesome to have great friends who help it along.
Well, *I* am curious to see what my sign started... Just what would Trevor do? Don't leave me hanging! It's not very often that I'm a muse! :)
Oh, I bet you're a muse more than you realize.

And since you're asking nicely, I'll see what I can do for you over the next few days. But it wouldn't hurt to get more comments here...
I would love to see that scene as well :)
I want to know what happens at the cheap hotel!
comment comment comment how many would you like? Copy paste is our friend! :P

This loyal minion would of course like to see whatever ideas you have on himself.
Well, you can't really leave Marci hanging, can't you ? That wouldn't be nice at all ! I'd really love to read that scene !
Okay, then. I shall get to work AND post.

You guys rock.
Please! I want to read this as well. =)
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