Saturday, May 13, 2006


One of those scenes I hate to cut...

And maybe this will find its way back into a book somewhere, sometime. Polished up, of course -- just a reminder that everything I post here is in rough state.

Anyway, here's the excerpt:

Sleeping with sketch pads in the bed was about as common as the boys sleeping with their favorite stuffed dinosaurs; Mitchell had once offered to buy her a stuffed animal of her own, but she'd countered by telling him that unless he was going to stuff himself, she didn't want another animal in her bed.

He'd pretended to be offended, telling her his skills in her bed elevated him far above animal status. She'd countered by telling him she hadn't known he was smart enough to know words like elevated.

He'd promptly shown her what else he knew. Which, of course, had been her plan all along.

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Awww why we cutting it?
Because, at least right now, it doesn't fit in anywhere. :(

So it will hang out here until I find a better home for it.
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