Thursday, June 22, 2006


Another one I hate to cut

I love this scene and this exchange, but it's got to go, too.

For the back story, you'll just have to wait for Trevor's Song to get published and hit the shelves; it's every bit as much fun as this snippet.

It was laughter that woke Trevor, come morning. Rusty's laughter to be precise, coming through Mitchell's open bedroom door. He started to stretch, but the laugh turned into a giggle, a low moan, and at last back to a laugh. He froze. "Not again," he muttered. Did those two ever do anything but hump?

"M, I can't believe you did it," Rusty said, still laughing.

Clearly, they talked, too. Although if they were talking about humping, he'd rather they shut up and just do it. Some things were better left unsaid.

"Did what?" Mitchell asked, his voice thick, after-sex, and lazy.

"Pissed off the bar. And when Howard caught you… How'd you pull that off?"

"Remember the golden rule, babe: don't do anything you can't -- or won't -- be cool about."

"I know, but … how cool can you be when your dick's just hanging out like that? Mitchell, I've seen plenty of dicks and let me tell you, there's nothing more pathetic than when they're dangling outside your clothes like that."

"It's all part of the job, Ker. Be glad you see it when it's not so… What did you call it? Pathetic?"


"Woman, my dick is not pathetic."

"If that was true, you'd have it immortalized in plaster."

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I like the goofying pissing episode, but I agree that we don't need this postmortem
I also like it but I agree it's got to go.
No plastercaster scene? Oh drat.
Believe me, I contemplated it.

AND wondered how many people in my audience would catch the reference! Glad you did.
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