Saturday, June 10, 2006


Trevor's Favorite Foods

This is the sort of thing that might appear in ShapeShifter's fan club magazine, if they had one.

Trevor's Favorite Foods (by Trevor himself)
1. Cigarettes. Gives everything you eat a nice, smoky flavor.
2. Grease. Keeps ya running smooth.
3. Meatball subs. 'cause there's so much potential in there...
4. Anything Eric hates. 'Cause Eric's a dork.

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Mmmm...meatball subs. Trev and I might have to fight over one. I could go for a 'real' (i.e., not Subway) meatball sub right now. Wonder if the pizzeria is still open?
It's only 9. It should be, or it's not much of a pizzeria!
What no chocolate?!
I suppose if some girl painted herself with enough of it, sure. But otherwise? Nope.
unless chocolate was the only thing on offer and then I think he'd probably eat it just because he was hungry...

and, yes, Trev definitely strikes me as favoring savory over sweet

btw, I think I mentioned this before, but I like these goofy tidbits.
He might do it just to be a smart-ass. The chocolate, that is.

I'm glad you like the tidbits. I'll have to think up more of them; they are lots of fun for me, I know that!
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