Friday, July 14, 2006


Susan's Book Talk: Another Great Book

This time, it's Rachel Caine's Ill Wind. What a wonderfully imagined world. Here is what my friend JayYapaway had to say about it; she said it better than I can.

Hey, I'm an author, not a critic. An author who's been reading more than writing lately; time to fix that. More soon, but in the meantime, did you see the latest bit about Daniel's Obsessions?

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aww thanks for the link! :)
Hey, babe, my pleasure! There will come a time -- hopefully LOTS of times -- when you return the favor.
I love Rachel's work. She's sending me an ARC of her upcoming YA. Can you say Squee?
Ooh, I'm jealous.

Ummm... who am I being wildly jealous of, and will you be my friend, jealousy aside? *grin*

Welcome to WestofMars, fellow Snarkling and reader of JA Konrath (among others -- like Rachel Caine). Hope you hang around.
I'm putting this book on my book club ballot ;)
I thought you were looking for non-fiction, though?
actually I'm looking for everything for my super-ballot. I just thought I'd have a much harder time coming up with nonfiction than anything else. Right now I have it divided into "fiction-general," "mystery/thriller," "fantasy/scifi," and "nonfiction"
Lol since Milady never came back, she's one of the romance bloggers. We're a commenty bunch :)
Maybe I should send you some of my favorite titles from the past ... lifetime. I am blessed with having read really great lit.
Ahh, so that's who Milady is. Tell her she's welcome here anytime; my characters are very romantic! (and she writes a neat blog, too. I've been watching her since she dropped in here. Think I should write her some romance? Would that bring her back?)
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