Thursday, July 20, 2006


Virtuoso Dreams

First I thought that these would be found in Mitchell's home. But then I realized that no, they would be in Rick's.

Moonlight Sonata on 200-count

I'm debating a set for myself.


I adore that orange coverlet!
Erm... you're supposed to be looking at the sheets, you know!

(although the Tour Manager is too cool to sleep under orange. Or something like that.)
Ok, well, what would you say if I said I had sheets like that?


Ok, well, they were almost like that. They weren't straight sheet-music. If I remember correctly they had a rose and some text on the flat sheet where you are supposed to fold it down at the top
I'd say you were fucking cool and my admiration for you grows.
My mom might still have 'em at home somewhere... two sets of twin-size.
I'm seeing her on the 1st so I can ask, if you'd like 'em for the kids' beds or something :rolleyes:
I would, but...

The kids have double beds.

Why'd you have two sets?????
The Tour Manager is most definitely too cool, too hot, and nowhere near visually impaired enough for the orange.
1. We could fix the visual impairment problem easily enough with a sharp implement.

2. Don't people have comforters to keep them from being too cool at night?

3. If you're too hot, we CAN turn the fan on.
Wow, the kids have double beds! Good for them!

Little sis and I each had a set of the sheets. Gift from some relative, I think.


Tour manager... LOL
I guess orange is really a required taste
Actually, the double beds was laziness on my part. When it was time to move Spike out of his crib, my old double bed was right there, so why buy a new one?

And then, he needed a new one, so Steele got the old and... voila. Kids have double beds.
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