Friday, September 22, 2006


Ignore this post!

We're doing another historical swap over at Book Relay, and since I'm headed to bed, here are my moves, should they be needed:

Steal: The Italian Secretary
Steal: Brigid's Charge

Don't worry if anything gets revealed between now and a move I might need to make. I'll deal with it later.

Happy swapping. And the rest of you... more fiction to come from me, as always.


Seems like we did pretty well in the swap :D

oh, btw, you should be getting a package from me this week (well I sent it on Saturday media mail)
Ooh. A package. I love packages. :D

And yeah, we did great. But I'd have rather had Brigid, you ungrateful friend, you. ('cause you know, it's all about me!)
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