Friday, September 15, 2006


One of Trevor's Favorite Comebacks

Trevor usually walks into a meet-and-greet to hear something along the lines of, "Oh my God, it's Trevor Wolff! He came!"

To which he always smiles lazily, licks his lips, and wishes he could smoke here, just so he could dramatically put it out. And then he says, "Wouldn't you rather if we came together?"

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you know, I don't think I could handle Trevor in real life...
Most of us couldn't. Including, I'm afraid, myself!
well, no, not if it's a huge group thing..i'd much rather it be one on one w/my fave musician.
Babe, this is Trevor we're talking about. He'll do it both ways, either way, or all ways. *wink*
and upside down, sideways, front ways..anyway he can..yeah i know a "trevor"
Fun men, aren't they? *grin*
*groan* is right, I could see that one coming a mile away... LOL!
It's all Karen's fault. She said something in an e-mail to me and I couldn't resist. Blame her.

And then be gentle when you tell Trevor he's that transparent. You know how he hates to do what's expected of him! (err.... no, you don't. You haven't read the book yet)
but we will when it comes out.
thinking positive thoughts =)
Thanks, babe! Just keep on spreading the word...
Oh gawd! I love Trevor! LOL No I couldn't handle him in real life either. But he does cheer me up.
Good. He's supposed to.
can we make trevor go on big brother :evil grin:
No, I don't think that would be a very good idea.

They'd have to edit too much out. *wink*
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