Monday, September 25, 2006


One Week Left!

One week left to Buy a Friend a Book Week!, and that means that this week is your last chance to enter the West of Mars Buy a Groupie a Book Contest (if that link doesn't work, check out the first post in the August archives).

What are you waiting for? Enter today! I've got good books to share!

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Oh Susan I really mean to do this. I've been so out of it since my dad's death. I keep on thinking I want to at least write something but nothing comes to mind. *sigh*
I really want you to enter, too, babe. But I understand... sometimes, after you lose someone you love, not even music can make you feel better.

Or can it? *wink and a nudge*
I'm curious to see who wins :)

Are you going to tell us how you were inspired by each of your winners? or is that too silly?
I haven't decided yet. I just wish more people had taken me up on this offer; I'm sad I didn't get a ton of entries. :(
I'll write another post in my blog about it when blogger stops acting up.
Ooh, thankyouthankyouthankyou!
I also emailed a friend, someone who doesn't read my blog, but who I think might actually enter.

Actually, I just thought of another person. I'll email her too ;)
You know I'm going to have to thank you for all this by sending you ... more books! *grin*
I've been thinking about this since your initial post and man, I just can't come up with anything. :( It's odd to find me at a loss for words.

Maybe if I'm so moved today. :)
Would being beat over the head with a ShapeShifter CD move you? *grin*

It's been funny to hear how many people have said this same thing to me. But it always amazes me when someone doesn't share my connection to music; it's such a second-nature thing to me.
Oh, I have plenty of music moments... but are they interesting? I dunno.

I just know if it wasn't for music I wouldn't have made it through school. Some nights the radio was the only thing that kept me hanging on.

I guess there's some story there. Let me think about it again and if I'm moved by morning (9/30), I'll write something and dash it to you.
What was it in the radio that you connected to? The sound of someone's voice? The feel of the music? The promise of a love song? The lyrics?

You're 90% of the way there, babe. How did it touch you?
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