Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Susan Says: Trevor's Song update

Just taking two seconds here as the printer runs to say that I've finished this draft of Trevor's Song and am mailing it out to one of my readers tomorrow, assuming I've got an envelope big enough for it. I cut a bunch of chapters and still managed to add 7,000 words, give or take.

Let's see what she says, but if she gives me the go-ahead, we'll be hitting the market again.

Not that there's any pressure on her. *wink*

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::crosses fingers and toes::
and you better have an envelope big enough to mail it.

We know it *should* be published. Now, if we can just get it there.
From your fingers to God's ears, Musie...
That's awesome Susan!! Good luck and God speed. :kiss:
Thanks, babe!

Remember, some of what YOU had to say has made this draft better (and if you can think of anything else to add, it's not too late!)
XXX good luck XXX
Is that for me or morsie, who's reading for me? *grin* She might need it more than me!!!!

But either way, thank you.
Let's just see if I can be good and not just tell you to add, add, add

I'll let you know as soon as it arrives.
Hey, if it's valid stuff, I'll add, add, add. I've got roughly 2500 more words to play with.

Might be there today, in fact. Keep your eyeballs peeled...
ewwww! I hate that saying. I makes me think of a vegetable peeler and ...
R just called with the mail report... it sounds like Trevor is here! It also sounds like something else might have arrived from WestofMars arrived as well ;)

(btw, I hate that saying... it makes me think of vegetable peelers, and, well, you get the idea... Actually I tried to post about that before and blogger ate my reply)
No, I saw your first comment come through, and I DID tell it to publish it... weird.

Anyway, glad Trev's there safely. One never knows when he'll take a detour and show up with something you need to call Amy to best deal with.

Read well, my friend.

Oh, and "keep your eyes peeled" -- remind me to tell you that story. You won't think of vegetable peelers anymore!
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