Saturday, September 02, 2006


Upping the BAFAB ante!

The good folks at Front Street Reviews are joining me and bringing you yet another chance to be a friend for whom a book is bought!

Check out my original contest and then head on over to Front Street for even more Buy A Friend a Book Week fun!

And if you haven't had enough of THAT, be sure to check out the other BAFAB participants, listed down at the bottom of this page of my blog. There's some fun stuff taking shape, all to entice YOU to buy a friend a book.

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Wow! That's great. I've added a post about your contest on my LJ and myspace account. I hope for you to get more hits and contestants. :)
Ooh, ooh, ooh! Thank YOU so very much, Cheesy! I hate to sound desperate, but the more people we can turn on to ... well, ME, the better chances we have of a good book deal.

The Tour Manager laughed and said we should have contests more often. I think I have to agree!
well, you know i've plugged you. :)
I DO know and I DO appreciate.

Or are you hinting that I ought to peruse your wish list again??? *grin*
no, i want one of those books for bafab :)

how many entries have you had? can i ask that?
You can ask. I won't give a straight answer, but you can ask!
It means I don't have nearly enough yet.
Whichever ones you want!
i'm trying..i really am.

just wanted to get another person on the traffic count.

Tell morsie to hurry up and read it LOL
YOU tell Morsie to hurry up and read! Right now, I'm plotting how to steal her book in the historical swap over at relays.

The traffic count loves you. *smooch*

As for me... I'm spoken for. *wink*
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