Saturday, November 04, 2006


Fiction outtake: Death by Cheese (early days)

(with apologies to Cheesy)

Mitchell kicked the pizza box out of the way and, with a burp that shook the room, stretched out his legs on the coffee table. It bowed under his weight.

"M, man," Daniel said wonderingly. He picked up a drum stick and scratched his back with it. "You just ate the whole thing. I thought you weren't going to do that anymore."

"I wasn't," Mitchell slurred. He laid his head back on the grimy dressing-room couch. "But I wasn't gonna drink this much anymore, either." He burped again.

Trevor held up a hand, all five fingers splayed. Slowly, he dropped each finger in turn, starting with the index finger. Just as he tucked his thumb in, Mitchell sprinted for the bathroom.

"Death by cheese," Eric laughed.

"Should we save the box as a reminder for next time?" Daniel asked.

"Dumb fuck," Trevor said, shaking his head and, for a few minutes there, feeling in tune with Daniel and Eric.

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All five fingers, huh? what about that sixth finger?? :)

Death by cheese is something I think I'll have to add to that "things that suck" list I've got somewhere :)
I'm SO not going there, Rash... just not gonna do it...

I ate too much pizza today at Spike's soccer party. While I'm not as bad off as poor Mitchell is (why do I always abuse him the most?), I'm not eating dinner, I'm thinking...
Death by cheese, what a way to go. *sigh* I ate too much pizza yesterday. It had extra cheese on the pizza. I feel for Mitchell. ;)
Yeah, the pizza we had today had extra cheese on it, too. I should NOT have gone for thirds, no matter how small the pieces...

Interesting. I had pizza this afternoon as well. Not too much, but the soda was a different story.
Soda was a different story? Do tell!

Why did we all have pizza today? Is it related to the full moon?
*Raises hand* I didn't have pizza yesterday! I had tortelloni. However, I have been to Pizza Hut twice this week, so I guess it's been a pizza-ish week.
Mmm. Tortelloni sounds good.

Pizza Hut TWICE??? I admire you!
Same here! It takes serious guts to eat at Pizza Hut. *Grins*
Serious guts! HA! Great pun!

I do love pizza though. We eat it at least once a week. In fact we had thin crust frozen pizza last night ;)
What's wrong with Pizza Hut?

I love thin crust, too, Morsie, especially when it's crispy and breaks off under your teeth with an assertive snap... Mmm... heaven.

LS, there's nothing WRONG with Pizza Hut, per se. It's fattening as anything, and the crust has a TON of butter in it, so it's greasy and it takes a strong stomach to take a large quantity of it (especially if you eat it there, as opposed to take out at a birthday party, where it's already been sitting awhile. Somehow, the grease doesn't bother me as much, then).


Getting older sucks. :(
All I can think now is, 'Mmm ... butter' :D I am going to be so fat when I'm older ...

I would like to point out that I don't actually eat Pizza Hut that often; last week was a one-off!
Oh, but Pizza Hut is good enough to eat that often!

As for being fat when you're older, why not start exercising NOW? That way, you'll be able to dodge, at least partly, the slowdown in your metabolism as you get older. Plus, you'll look gooooood.

(trust me. I'm wearing a tight bamboo shirt today and it looks goooood.)
I use to work at Pizza Hut. In fact I was a manage up until I had my oldest son. I gained lots of weight with that pregnancy. *G*
Ooh. A woman who loves cheese working at Pizza Hut. That could be dangerous, indeed.
i went thursday and got my $5 pizza (and it made 3 meals for me so i think i did well) though i didn't have it for saturday made way to my mom's and she decided to make chicken n dumplings yummy

i was thinking "cheesy would love to go that way." before i saw her post.

umm next time somebody has pizza w/extra cheese please feel free to share with me. :p
You can have mine, musie.

The Tour Manager just called and asked if I'd like a pizza for dinner; sounds like he had a lousy day, too, and I was like NO WAY.
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