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Byline: Chelle LaFleur -- Bitty Bands

As part of the Debut a Debut contest that Erica at Writing Aspirations and I are throwing, I thought that I'd start featuring some of our debut authors, too. First is Lila Shaara, whose Every Secret Thing is one of the debuts you can win copies of -- an autographed hardcover or an audiobook on CD!

Now, on to Chelle and what she's got to say today

Now someone had better explain to me just what's goin' on here. Okay? I'm listening, so you all had better start speaking.

Now see here. I know I've encouraged letters and feedback from you all. And for the most part, what you people have to say rocks. I like that you don't hold back in your letters, and I like even more that you show me some respect when we meet up face to face. Not a lot; just enough.

What I don't like is this recent bombardment from you all about my horn-tooting of those little bands out there. Why? What's your issue here? Don't you know how big bands get made? They start out as little bands and they slug it out and they find a way to make sure they stand out. If they stand out enough to catch my cynical old ears, so much the better, don't you think? Have you ever known me to go nuts for a band that was so terrible, you changed the radio station every time they came on?

Well, you gotta account for taste in there, too. But my track record speaks for itself: every single bitty band I've told you about has found their way to success of some size, and all of it's been deserved. Sure, some of 'em broke up before they made it as big as they could have, but that's the nature of bands, boys and girls. They're made up of people. People don't always get along.

Sort of like you all and me, right now. 'Cause sure as I know my name's Chelle LaFleur, I know that you ain't feeling this bitty band love the way I am. And I don't know why, unless you're just perfectly happy to keep on doing the same-old, same-old.

If that's the case, then you shouldn't be taking up the air I'm tryin' to breathe, you know what I'm saying here, boys and girls? I'm here to find good music and not care about how big their arenas are or how gigantic their heads are or how humongous their staffs are, pushing their great big news down my fat throat. It's about the quality of the music, and damn if I care who's making it.

Okay, unless it's those ShapeShifter boys, but they're another story. They're one of those bands who earn your respect, just because they're so damn cute, and so damn into what they're doing and we all know they won't be a bitty band for much longer.

So quit'cher bellyaching at me already. If no one looks for the next ShapeShifter, how's anyone gonna find them?

You heard it first, and you heard it here: Bitty bands rock. C'mon out with Chelle and give 'em your support.

Debut a Debut! Don't forget!

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A day that starts with Chelle is always a good day... :D
Great to hear from her again.
not care about how big their arenas are or how gigantic their heads are or how humongous their staffs are, pushing their great big news down my fat throat.

Do you know how this sounds? LOL
Love ya Chelle!
You know, some people out there could do with hearing that speech, because it's true in other areas too! *coughdebutauthorscough*

It's a good job there are champions like Chelle around. ;)

Need a glass of water for that cough?
Hey, nice blog. Original idea. Enjoyed it and was pleasently surprised to find Dark Rain on your list. I shall be waiting with bated breath to see what you have to say about it.

My thanks,

Hi, Conor, thanks for stopping by!

I'm not sure that anyone WILL choose to read Dark Rain, but you can be sure that now that you've been in touch, I'll be getting my hands on a copy pronto! (darn it, I was just at the bookstore last night, too)

Hope you'll come by more often and that the contest will get you some new fans.
This was my introduction to the wit and wisdom of Chelle LaFleur. What she said about bitty bands is so true.

By the way... I don't know if you stopped back by, but I replied to your comment on my post about the nominees for the RRHOF.
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