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Lucky Thursday Thirteen -- More About ShapeShifter

Those of you who've been around know that my fiction centers on the fictional band ShapeShifter, the men who make up this unique band, and the people who shape the rest of their lives. For the past two weeks, our focus has been on ShapeShifter frontman Mitchell Voss. Now that you guys have a better idea who he is, I thought I'd throw in some generic bits about ShapeShifter -- sort of like a palate cleanser before we get to the next character.

Enjoy, and don't forget about the Debut a Debut contest (and to check out the winners of my meme contest, too!)! The list of debut authors to check out is being updated semi-daily and can be found either at Writing Aspirations or my main website.

Thirteen things most people know about ShapeShifter:

1. They are four boys from Riverview USA who made it big

2. They are all roughly the same age. Trevor and Daniel are a year older than Mitchell and Eric.

3. They love all their fans, but show it most obviously to the female variety. The males just get autographs and pictures.

4. Mitchell and Daniel are the band's heartthrobs and mouthpieces.

5. Mitchell can be quite cranky to the media.

6. Trevor came up with the band name. In the beginning, they had a typical ShapeShifter concept. Each band member had an animal: Mitchell the dragon, Daniel the bear, Eric the eagle and Trevor Wolff was … a wolf.

7. The concept was soon considered too hokey to be allowed to continue. But Mitchell is still considered a dragon by many.

8. The band's first tour happened before they had a record deal. They piled into Mitchell's father's Bronco, attached a U-haul to the back, and off they went.

9. They did everything in the back of that Bronco. It's a wonder the truck survived. But it did.

10. Mitchell is still driving it during Trevor's Song.

11. They love to hang out in pools (witness Green Hair Week) -- and in pool halls, shooting 8-ball.

12. They love to make commando runs on ice cream stands before leaving town. Fans often try to guess where they'll stop. The ice cream shops love the added business.

13. They'll stop and talk music with you as long as they possibly can. Make sure what you say reflects the fact that you've got a brain in your head (with the obvious exception of someone obviously tongue-tied at having a discussion with ShapeShifter).

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Always like these post. Gives so much insight!

Thanks for visiting me. I have three wonderful children and three step-kid who are also awesome.

I didn't know what to post about this week and then something happens and you have a topic!
Great and interesting List. I love reading bout ShapeShifter. Thanks for sharing.

My list is up, too!

Hugs and happy TT,
Sweet like Kitty
I will exercise for comments!!!
Every time I come here I am in awe of what it takes to write a book. You have so much detailed information about each character and each situation. It must be almost like "giving birth" to these characters. I feel like I know them:)
You always fascinate me how you write about them: so live, so familiar so “no-fictional” LOL Last time I expected to see Mitchell’s pic at the end of the post … now I’m thinking where the next concert will be?
Gosh it must be good to be a writer … well maybe not as good as to be a King but hey, life’s not perfect :)
Cheers my dear friend!

(and thanks for your comment on my TT, that was a big compliment!)
Hey there SHG, just wanted to let you know I have a few headers for you in my T13 post today (made just with you in mind :)

Be well,
Nice TT!! I'm up too.
Happy Thursday, S.
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š
I enjoy these lists of insight into your characters and book! Happy TT!
This is my favorite list. I like the way it breaks everything down to a simple overview of Shapeshifter.
Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!
You've created some very interesting characters here - I love all the little details that make them seem more real. I'm sure the book will be great!
Thanks for stopping by my TT.
Great list - thanks for sharing! I´m happy to have the opportunity to take a rest @ West Of Mars =)
love to play pool, tho I'm not very good!
8-ball is an excellent way to pass the time and observe the girls that are hanging around the bar or poolside :)

As always, you know your characters so well and share them with the rest of us so that we can get to know them too! :)

I've got to update my contest list. I really look forward to February! :D
Wow, everyone, thanks. You really make me feel like I'm accomplishing my goal of bringing you into my world and touching your lives, even a little bit.

Now, if we can only get the book in print!!! There's so much MORE to share with you guys!
Hey, I love your Debut a Debut contest (hmmm...wonder why that is!) (*g*)

Thanks for coming by my blog! And congrats on the upcoming...debut!
Oh, it's not MY debut we're celebrating. Yet.
I love shapeshifters!

Come check out my TT list from a while ago on 13 wereanimals I would love to be...

Excitement. Suspense. Passion

Dark Water -- Samhain Publishing; Fall 2007
They sound like such a fun band.

And, you make it seem easy and I know it is so hard to write!
It's great to come here and witness your creative process. Thanks so much for sharing. :)
I wonder if I'm a weregiraffe.
Quite possibly. :D
Great post! I had heard a bit about the Debut contest.

I will check it out. Thanks for stopping by!
Love the idea behind the name of the band! And I love that you write such details about them, down to the ice cream runs! Thanks for stopping by! Have a happy!
I enjoy learning about your characters....

Thanks for visiting my TT
Wow, cool list! And what a cool world you've built!

(Btw, my TT#2 is up!)
Man I so admire your ability to stick with character creation. It is so hard to do! Great list and thanks for stopping by!
No cats in that story! Efurry body needs a cat in a story! We fink it was a furry good idea to have girly groupies - we're gonna try to get some girly groupies (kitties of course - duh!)
I must say you are making this book seem more and more interesting by the week. Or is it series of books?

As for Evanescence, the CD is awesome, one of the few that i asked for my birthday and I am pretty down to asking for only Itunes gift cards. Lithium is just jaw droppingly "oh My God!"
*I'm* projecting a series; whether it'll come to be depends on the book-buying public (let alone finding a literary agent who's in tune with Trevor's Song).

Glad you're getting hooked. That's the idea. Once you're hooked, I will take over the world and ... and ... Umm....

Wait. Let me get back to you on that one.

Really, the only thing I want to do is listen to really good music and write books. The rest is merely research!
Interesting list - thanks for sharing! Happy T13
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