Monday, January 29, 2007


Susan Speaks: Random Notes

Thanks to everyone who's been visiting as part of the Debut a Debut contest. I hope you'll all stay, look around, and come back often. There's room in my zany world for all of you, and I'd love to see you all delurk.

More authors are popping up daily, asking to be included in this list. Congratulations to all on the list; may your sales be strong.

I'll keep on trying to feature authors who've been in touch with me in one form or another. Today, it's Colleen Gleason. A fellow Thursday Thirteener and an all-around nice woman, Colleen is making it more affordable for any of you to choose her book, The Rest Falls Away, for one of your contest entries (and if you're reading this, unless you're the Tour Manager or Erica, you're eligible to enter. Yes, even if you've donated a prize).

Here's a coupon to use until February 4, 2007.

(of course, if you use my above link and buy it at, you'll help me afford prizes for future, smaller contests. Your pick; save a buck or chip in for a future contest prize. Both have their pros and cons)

On to other stuff...

I'm reading the March Guitar World magazine right now. (what happened to magazines not hitting the sales rack until the month listed on the spine?), and I about lost it when I noticed an ad for Krank Amps. Who do you think they have pictured as musicians who use their product?

Toki Wartooth and Skwisgaar Skwigelf. Of, yes, Dethklok. That most famous (and favorite) of fictional bands.

The Tour Manager thinks it's a great idea if I order both Dethklok shirts and post pictures of me wearing them, so stay tuned for that. I know you regulars around here are dying to know what I really look like!

More later. I've got literary agents to query, books to write, and a knee to nurse.

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I really enjoy visiting Colleen's blog. She had a nice little pay it forward contest not too long ago. Her name is definitely on my list... Goodness... I need soooo much time to do some good reading! :)

I've seen quite a few guitar blogs lately. I wonder if it was because I was searching for some kind of picture that would show me which chord was which on my little one's guitar :)

Happy Monday!
Yeah, I remember the pay it forward contest! What a great idea that one was.

Guitar blogs? Ooh, THAT could be fun!
How wonderful of Colleen to share the coupon

And, I thought you ordered your Dethklok shirt already!
Yeah, way cool of Colleen, indeed.

As for the Dethklok shirt, I didn't order either 'cause I can't decide between them. So I was glad when the Tour Manager told me to, "Oh, just go order them both."

It's not like my t-shirts have outgrown my dresser and are stacked higher than my head...
Heck, I just bought Colleen's book Friday night! Can't wait to read it.
I added Colleen Gleason's book to my wishlist. :)
I see the next in the series is coming out in June according to BookMooch.
I also thought you'd ordered a Dethklok t-shirt by now. I see why you why you waited. You wanted both. The Tour Manager fell for it. Bwahaha!
Not much of a vampire-type novel fan. But I did wander over to Colleen's blog and she seems like a very nice person! (Heck, she has to be, she donated to your contest!!)

I don't get it. Is Dethklok like The Gorillaz? Or do they really not exist?
Hey, Susan and Rashenbo,

I finally got a chance to peruse the Debut a Debut list; exciting!

Now I'm armed w/ a list of titles, and I'm not afraid to use 'em.

Thanks again for the grassroots literary activism. I'm on board.

--Camille @ littlebirdblue
Yeah, Camille!! You go, girl!

And Lauren, Dethklok is a cartoon. I swear. They are NOT real, but man, do they have a cult following! Wow!
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