Friday, February 09, 2007


Debut a Debut Spotlight

If you are scrambling for something to read and review before the 17th of this month, let me make one final suggestion for this year's Debut a Debut contest.

I heard from the lovely Joshua Palmatier, whose debut novel The Skewed Throne is on our list of debuts. Better news yet: it was released, in hardback, simultaneously with its sequel, The Cracked Throne.

That's good news for one of you lucky folk, because Mr. Palmatier has graciously offered the Debut a Debut contest an autographed copy of that second book, The Cracked Throne.

AND, because all that's not enough, if you review The Skewed Throne for this contest, you can turn around and enter a second contest at Joshua's site -- you'll win a sneak peek at the new novel later on this year.

Two for the price of one. How can you refuse THAT?

Hope you're busy reading!

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Pfft. How come Andrew gets a better deal than me? It's a fix! A fix, I tell you! :p

I'd better get reading my book this weekend ...
How does he get a better deal than you? I don't get it...

Oh, and if there's any fixing going on around here, it's ME fixing MYSELF to win some of these great prizes. Which I, of course, can't do. So... no fixing at all.
I've definitely got to pick that one up! Goodness. I should probably start reading tonight and just read straight through the weekend! I've got at least two to read right now! :) But... I admit it... I want Joshua's book! :)
Oh yeah... TAG - You're IT! Now you gotta catch me! Neiner, Neiner, Neiner!
I still don't know who I'm debuting next week, but along a diff. line...tag you're it.
I'm such an IT girl....

A second contest? Really? Thanks for the info, Susan! I finished reading that book last night. Now for a book review...oi, never done one before... :)
You'll be fine, Andrew.

And yes, I'm thinking two big contests a year. A debut contest and one for authors who've published one or more books you may never have heard of.

It's fun, and it's important to show the world all the really great fiction out there. If I'm in a position to do it, why shouldn't I? Maybe one of these people will give ME a lift when it's my turn.

Or maybe I'll just do a bunch of good deeds and amass REALLY good karma.
Ooh lookie he's a math teacher!
Happy Saturday!!! :) So, what debut book are you going to read and review for us? Have you decided yet? I'm thinking I'll read one tomorrow that way I've got a review to put up for it on Monday! :)
Hello - been back for a read. I like your stories. Those boys and their ladies... tut tut.
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