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Thursday Thirteen #37 -- Brotherly Love

Thirteen shows of Brotherly Love

Mitchell takes a lot of guff from Trevor. And for Trevor, for that matter. It's an odd friendship they have and most would say it's crossed the line from friendship into brotherhood. Here's some of the things they do for each other.

1. When Trevor would crash on Mitchell's bedroom floor after being beat up by Hank, Mitchell would never step on Trevor, even as a joke or while half-asleep. Seems simple, but think about it.

2. When the kids at school would make fun of Trevor's constant bloody, unwashed appearance (at least until Patterson Voss threw him in the shower), Mitchell would stand up for him. This was important because as Trevor hid out at Mitchell's house and the beatings stopped, the other kids finally realized that Trevor wasn't a fuck-up at all but was actually pretty cool.

3. Speaking of cool, Trevor made Mitchell cool. Period. Talked him into growing his hair out and piercing his ear. Taught him how to smoke, get stoned, and get girls. And what to do with the girls once he had them.

4. It's well-known that Trevor's a lousy bass player. Yet he sounds awfully good on album. An excerpt from an article on the subject: Voss fixes the room with one of those stares that makes your mouth go dry. "Trevor plays his own parts." No one has the saliva left to ask about the things he's leaving unsaid.

5. Mitchell makes sure that anyone who rags on Trevor's lack of musical talent knows that he's the creative force behind the band.

6. Trevor pretends he doesn't know where Mitchell disappears to during the nights when they're recording. Or why all of a sudden, the next morning, the parts he recorded the day before sound so much better.

7. Before he gets too drunk at parties, Mitchell will drink the beer that Trevor's holding before it gets warm and flat. This works because no one pays that much attention and everyone assumes Trevor's actually drinking. And Mitchell gets blasted twice as fast.

8. When Trevor gets too cheeky, full of himself, or just plain annoying, Mitchell puts him back in his place.

9. Trevor gets too cheeky, full of himself, or just plain annoying so that Mitchell can beat him up and feel good about how manly he is. Or thinks he is.

10. When Trevor decided that running the band's business was cutting into his woman chasing and other rock star duties, Mitchell stepped in and took over. After having watched Trevor for more than a year, he had an idea of what to do.

11. One night during the early, pre-crew days when Mitchell had a cold, Trevor set up his equipment for him. He chased off Eric and Daniel when they tried to help, and then blamed the set-up on some over-eager fan who'd conveniently disappeared.

12. Mitchell's lost count of the number of irate husbands/boyfriends/fathers who've come in search of Trevor. The number who found him is only a handful; one growl from Mitchell and anyone with a brain runs the other way. The handful wasn't lacking a brain, per se. They merely got lucky and found Trevor … at an exposed moment.

13. And then there's that whole thing near the end of Trevor's Song that involves a bed. This is what it means to be a friend.

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What a great story... I can actually agree on some of these, as I am a younger brother.

However, some are 'drawing a long bow' as my brother and I did not, and do not get along that well, although now, we are at least civil!

Whilst in the post they are friends, that have crossed the 'line' into what is a brotherhood, this is actually more of a fact than a myth. I have several freinds, whom I would happily call my brother's, hek, one even shares the same name(s) as me except for his surname!!

Thanks for stopping by (overnight in Sydney) at our TT, we will be posting what happens over the course of it all...
As a mom of 4 boys -- this is an excellent list. Thank you for this -- it's a keeper.
What a fun list! Definitely one of your top "Thirteens!"

After all this buildup, you better get a good agent, because it's not nice to leave people hanging!
I've triskaidekaphobia!
May I just do 12?
Hiya SHG!
This is about the third time in the past few months that we've posted our TT's within minutes of each other. (queue Twilight Zone music)

Your TT this week made me wish I had a brother. Sisters are great, but they don't have the same connection.
Wylie -- HA! I have two sisters. I know whereof you speak with an intimacy that is best left for lovers. 'cause Lord knows I don't talk to either sister that much (can ya tell I'm the youngest?).
Hi Susan,
Funny meeting you here at TT! I just posted my first and when viewing others, spotted yours! Love your list -- especially since I'm an only child!!
Very interesting list! Happy T13!

Check out my contest!
Sounds like my younger brother and his best friend without the band. They've been covering each other's backs for years.
You really have your characters' personalities fleshed out, so very real.
Poor Trevor...he's had a rough life!
Yeah, but the interesting thing is that it doesn't get him down. If anything, it makes him MORE determined to live life to its fullest.
Awww that ones so sweet!

Happy Thursday.
My brothers weren't quite so loving to their sister, although they did watch my back. This may be fiction, but you make it sound real!
Though I only have 1 son who is now married and has 2 kids, I haven't experienced all of them but with my 2 grandsons who are ages 3 yrs and the other 10 months now, I don't know. Anyway, it is a great list.
Thanks for the visit.
An exposed moment.

Good on Mitchell.
Cool list. I have a brother as well as two sisters, and I would have to say that sisters can have that kind of connection (and brothers-particularly Older brothers)- can be real pains in the butt (although I think mine has finally grown out of it). Happy TT.
I'm so glad I was never beaten by my siblings. Now having my face smushed in the snow is a different story. I like the list; keep up the good work.
friendships with non-siblings are voluntary so when they reach a level of intimacy on a par with sibling-sibling relationships something extra-special is going on as you show here with Trevor and Mitchell.

my TT is 13 titles of stories in my Fruit of the Spirit storyworld. i may be taking a page from WOM and make most of my TT about my FOS storyworld thruout this Sweating for Seventy challenge.
It's great how they look after one another. And I love how, as you said, Trevor's tough upbringing makes him even more determined to live a full life.
Keep up the fantastic work! :-)
great list!
I love it. #1 and #7 in particular.

Well done Susan.
I have a brother and a sister. I love them, but our relationship is very different from Trevor and Mitchell's... Great list!!
Thanks for visiting my essentials TT.
Awww, I wish I had a friend like that. ;o)
Sometimes I wonder if friendships like that even exist outside of books or movies...
It makes me want a brother too! I'm the oldest of two girls. I wish we had a bond like this.
Great list. I've got three boys. I can't help wondering if they'll feel that kind of brotherhood for one another when they grow up. I hope so.
You seem so immersed in your story--is it always in your head?

I think of all the lists I read on Thursdays, you have the most unique.
It sounds like they are good for each other:) Happy TT.
Doh! Sorry about the two links. My lameness knows no bounds.

Aww he redoes his music for him? That's soooooo cute!
This one was one of my favorites...feel like I know more about Trevor and Mitchell than ever before...yup, brotherly love.
Brothers are always our best friends, and probably our worst enemies
"Mitchell's lost count of the number of irate husbands/boyfriends/fathers who've come in search of Trevor." LOL! And I love how the handful that find him just run the other way.
A great tale! We all need friends to watch our backs and get us back.
One of my favorite of your T13s, Susan! I have a brother, and we were best friends growing up -- we're only a year and a half apart in age. Though we're both very busy as adults, we still have a special bond -- there's nothing like a brother, and you capture that so well with Trevor and Mitchell!

Happy TT, my friend! :)
This one really brought them alive, Susan.
I had a great sister but I always wanted a brother growing up. I have to keep reminding myself the people you talk about are fictional. Another great TT list.
Sounds wonderful. Love it when friendship is slowly grown into more.

My best friend and I are like that. Completing each other's sentances. Know each other better than our husbands know us.

Donica Covey
Wow, it sounds like such a rough life and hard book to read, I would be too sad to get through all that.
My heart breaks for abused kids.
Okay, I thought about it. The not stepping on Trevor thing. I wouldn't be able to keep myself from doing it, twice, so yeah, that's a brotherly thing to do.
Brother's do rock. I love my little brother ... if you had of asked me that when I was a kid I would have denied it.

Happy TT my friend.
Great list; a keeper. Love how detailed Trevor's family history is.
Are you sure they aren't ral brother??
I hear ya on the sister thing. I think there's a whole different bond between brothers. Gives me hope for my boys.
They really are like brothers.

Thanks for sharing.

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have a great weekend!
Trev's the coolest! LOVE! ;) You're doing such a great job with him! He's, like, REAL now!
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