Sunday, September 30, 2007


Roadie Poet: More

Got a girl.
Name's Maureen.
Guys call her Mo.
Friends call her Reenie. Or Reen.

I call her More.

Crew don't get hotels,
Just a shower at the site.
I'm on Bus 1.
She's on 7.
Nothing's private on a bus.

Time's hard to come by.
She's busy around the show.
That's my rest.

I tried to help her out some.
Band showed me the door.
Told me to be a good crew boy
And stop sniffing around their girls.

So me and More
We skipped dinner
Snuck off
Found a spot behind some empty cases.

She's a great kisser.

Hambone saved me dinner.
But I want More.

Yep, another melding of the Weekend Wordsmith and the Poetry Train. I don't know about you guys, but I dig the Roadie Poet. And as you can clearly tell, he's now got a definitive gender.

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Clapping and stomping my feet - wahoo! Wolf whistles! Yay! Bravo Roadie Poet - Bravo! More! Give us More!
Uhh, Rhi, you're not going bi on me now, are you? I mean, if I'm going to come down there and hang with you for some artistic fun, I need to know these things in advance...
You dazzled me!
The best Roadie poem yet!
When are we gonna read more about roadie poet and his new belle??
Probably next month, Jill. Roadie seems to come around once a month.
Ah hell Susan - you know if i was you'd wanna do me. (Clapping hand over mouth!)
oh geez - i'm hanging out with Trevor too much, he's rubbing off.
oh this was great... i love it.. i love the whole MORE idea,,, and the back alley way of gettin' some was good too.... loved it.....
Only if the Tour Manager gets to watch and have me, too.

And yes, Trev wears off on you after awhile. It's both liberating and not pretty, all at the same time.
I'm not much into poets and poetry, but Roadie Poet is all right!
I absolutely love the voice of the Roadie Poet! The whole tone, it's really wonderful, Susan.

'Time's hard to come by.
She's busy around the show.
That's my rest.'

Just love it.
very clever, great voice too
Oh, very nice. I'm not a poetry fan--just not wired that way--but I "get" this one, so I like it. :)

By the way, Tag! You're it. ;)
That is a song..what a good one at that. I too join Rhian in stomping!
interesting this is the first time I have heard it
LOL This is great! Love it Susan.
Wow... I could hear Chuck Berry singing to this. *wg*
Sorry, it's morning and I'm caffeine deprived. I keep thinking of S'Mores and I'm kicking myself for not being able to come up with some pithy remark. (Later, I'll just find the whole concept stupid, I'm sure)
next you'll be telling us Roadie's real name is Oliver.
Nah, it's really RP. *grin*
You are so good at this poetry stuff, damnit! (LOL ... )
Awesome! : )
Hey, Susan. I told you yesterday this was my favourite Roadie Poet gig yet, but I guess my comment was deemed offensive. Sorry?
well everyone seems to have said it all and I agree - i enjoyed reading this poem and look forward to reading More from Roadie... ;)
Offensive? Huh? I remember approving it!
I love it! And Roadie Poet is a guy -- from that wonderful poem, I'm getting a great sense of him. :)
OOOOhh, THERE it is. Are you SURE it was there earlier? It's my day for the idiot stick, maybe.
I think it was a Blogger burp, Camille, 'cause when I checked my comments, it was still awaiting moderation. But I remember telling it to publish!

The Roadie poet rocks! I loved this! :)
Hi Susan.
Love the poem.
Ha! Love the ending. Great nickname for a character, too. Cute!
Stomping her feet on the bleachers, Marcia cried out, "More! More Roadie Poet!" Then she realized she was also calling out her name...when it was only Roadie she wanted.
Yay Roadie Poet!! That's a great poem. Hooray for Roadie Poet.
You dazzle me too. I just discovered your blog.

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