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Fiction Outtake: Pam Meets Trevor

So I'm just sitting down to eat lunch at the mall today and OmiGod, there's Trevor Wolff. He's strutting through with some lady who looked like she's his mom, and she's carrying all the bags, just like you'd expect, but she doesn't look all harried or impressed or pissed or … well, anything. Maybe she's not even with him. I don't know.

I do know, though, that he walks up to me and says, "I've seen you around. Don't think I haven't."

I about choke on my Coke.

And then he picks up my hot dog and gives me a big smile. We both know what he's thinking. About hot dogs and my eating that one and how it all relates to him.

I don't remember him asking for my phone number. I think I just somehow knew. I pull out my pen and write it on my napkin. And then I blot my lipstick on the napkin, too, before I hand it over. Just because you're supposed to and all.

"You want to be home in an hour," he tells me as he stuffs the napkin into the pocket of his leather jacket. Like it's not a hot day out there, for Riverview, and he's in leather? Made me feel better about being at the mall and eating a hot dog when I could, should, have been home having something healthy. What with certification coming up next week and all.

All of a sudden, I can't think much about certification coming up next week, although it's all I've been thinking about for weeks now. I can't care about the new aerobic shoes I need, which is why I'm in the mall in the first place. I just nod like a ditz and watch him strut away, all full of himself, like he knows I'll be waiting when he calls, like he owns the mall and being there in the middle of the day is completely natural. Maybe for him, it is. Maybe it's just Mitchell who won't move before noon. Or so goes the gossip about him, anyway.

I finish my hot dog and rush home. Just in case Trevor can't tell time real well.

Which he can't.

Any ideas on what to wear tonight?

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Take it from a gal who knows-- NEVER let a man (not even Trevor Wolff) out-cool you!

It doesn't matter what you wear, as long as it's sexy without being slutty. ;-)
Cool outtake. It's interesting to read about supporting characters.
I have a love-hate thing going with Pam. She's a fun character, but the whole bimbo/helpless groupie thing grates on me. Just my own personal bias, or perhaps I'm just jealous of her abs (more likely).
I can just picture the scene! Nice touch with the lip stick. I'm guessing Trevor would notice that too!

A girl likes to be noticed afterall.
Something formal, perhaps?

Lol! I love this. You ever thought about writing young adult Susan? You've got a voice that would definitely lend itself to it, imho :).

anna j. evans
Woohoo! Wear something that Trevor will enjoy taking off. With his teeth perhapse!
Uh? Eve dress?
Anna, know what's funny? My first agent repped me for a YA project. It was ... an unmitigated disaster.
Hi Susan!!!
Been there, done that. It's kind of fun feeling that way, then again it makes me feel like an out of control teenager.
Show out some of the outfit, and I tell you what goes most!!
When is mine metting with my handsome Daniel??

Susan, finally got part of the book on friday!! Thanks a lot, and thank the other girl that did it with you( I don't remember her name!!)
I think Pam should wear something that enhances all of her best qualities, but that can be slipped out of in a moment's notice. Kind of along Christine's line of thinking!
I really like Pam! And the lip stick thingy is just genius, Susan. Gotta love that, too. =)
She should think about her certification that she worked so hard for. But, alas, Trevor is amazing.

Good stuff, here!
The lipstick thing was cool.
It would make great YA.
well, Pam, i suggest you not wear a bra you're particularly fond of as you'll probably never see it again.
Does he call? Or flake out?
Great story! What happened next?
Wear? Clothes?
Hmm the prelude to a happy ending? I'm not in-tune with your story but I love it when I can read small snippets and have an idea :)
watch out if you're in looove, pammy, cuz i betcha he's just in lust --- if he doesn't call, don't be surprised - he wants to really mess with your head first for a while, i think --- will i ever find out??? --- love these out takes but always nosy to know more!!!
Was it his mom carrying the bags? Just wondering.
Nope, it's Mitchell's Mom.
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