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Fiction Outtake: Hands (Trevor's Song Era)

A bit of scene-setting here: This outtake takes place during the early chapters of Trevor's Song. It's not essential to the story, so you won't find a hint of it there. This is strictly backstory. Yet when you finally get to close the back cover (and scream in frustration at me over the ending), and you come back to this outtake, it'll all click. I promise.

It was stupid, she knew, but when Mitchell reached for her hands, Kerri pulled them away and tried to stuff them somewhere he couldn't find them. Unfortunately, other than her pockets and behind her back, any place her hands went, the rest of her had to follow.

"C'mon," he said and tried again. "They're supposed to be paint-covered, Ker. It's what you do."

Reluctantly, she let him take her hands, both of them, in his. Palm up, he started to raise the left to his mouth.

He stopped an inch away.

"I know," Kerri sighed. "Turpentine, paint… It's not the world's biggest turn-on."

Mitchell stroked her palm with his nose.

"A woman's hands are supposed to be soft," she said. "Pampered. Or else calloused from all the hard, honest work she does to keep her family afloat. Not…"

"Not?" he asked, his lips barely touching that same palm.

She turned her face up toward the ceiling and let herself drown in the sensation.

He didn't linger long. "You know," he said, slowly easing her hand, still in his, back to her side. Every bit as slowly, he pulled both hands from hers.

She shivered, feeling suddenly alone. Cold.

"Mine aren't much better." He picked up her right hand and tapped the back of it with the fingertips of his left. "A guy's not supposed to be like this." He turned his hand over, claw-like, fingertips exposed. "Shit, Ker, I've got fucking string marks in 'em. On top of callouses a mile deep."

She smiled, not needing to see them. "What a pair we are." Taking his right hand, she massaged it gently at the third knuckle.

He closed his eyes, his breath coming hard. "Ker…"

"No," she said, not sure why or what it meant.

His free hand caught hers. As she massaged, he nibbled her fingertips.

And she knew he'd meant it. He loved her, paint and all.

Did you get to visit with Trevor over the weekend? Scroll down if you missed him! And remember, clicking on the link in the characters' names will take you to their bio pages -- and a list of links to more outtakes featuring them. Have fun!

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This is so intimate, Susan! All the use of their hands as reflections of themselves, her turpentine, his callouses - I love it.
oh Susan, this is my favorite outtake so far. The clear message of acceptance for who they are, despite falling outside the norm box is beautifully clear. ah, yeah, i relate to that.

Not looking forward to screaming at you in frustration at the end of the book though. That part is worrisome. I feel like grabbing a palette knife and jumping to Trev's defense. somehow.
It is fun to see Trevor soft side!! I didn't know that he could be that romantic!!
Too late to defend the boy, Rhi. You're just going to have to trust me on this one even though I don't do HEA, only Happily for Now.
i just realise it was not Trevor!! It was mitchell!!
I like this-- a quiet personal moment without the chaos of their lives swirling around. It feels like one of those honest moments we all have where we look at ourselves and each other and wonder just how we got here. Not that here isn't a great place, just not a place we really believed we'd end up in, somehow.
Hands are so sensuous. I really loved this post.
Lovely. Very intimate - you cna almost feel the familiarity between them, it is so palpable.
it's never too late to defend my Trev! Never I tell you. And I'm all good with HFN - sometimes that's the best we can hope for, and it's better than NHAA.
'Unfortunately, other than her pockets and behind her back, any place her hands went, the rest of her had to follow.'

just loved that line. it evokes perfectly that sense of awkwardness and self-consciousness in the early stages of blooming love

thanx for visiting
What a touching scene! Vulnerability and acceptance is a powerful aphrodisiac. ;)
It's very sweet, it makes me like Mitchell, well at least this side of him ;-)
well written!........
I watched "The Holiday" tonight, I re-watch few movies, it will be one I watch repeatedly just to feel what I felt in many of those scenes. I felt it in this outtake. ditto what Bob-cat said.
that was really sweet... such is love... isn't it????
Yes "intimate" is a good word to describe it--why can hands be like that I wonder?
*grin* Heck, Mitchell was making me swoon... ;-D

Wonderful job, Susan!
Very tender and sensual - loved it!

Just a glimpse, but with a myriad of emotions. I'm already invested in these two artists and the love that they share. Well done!
Such a sweet and intimate portrait of blossoming love. This is the first I've read of these characters, but this outtake stands very well on its own and makes me want to know more. Beautiful work!
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