Sunday, November 18, 2007


Roadie Poet: Floor

I'm on the floor.
Hambone's snoring in the bed.


Did you miss that part?
Looks like I did.
I'm on the floor.
On the floor.

Hambone's got the bed.

More's got the other one.

I've got the empties from last night's party.
There's a lot of 'em.

Two beds.
Three peeps.
One's my girl.
Explains why we're naked.

But not






Want more Roadie Poet? Click on his name and whoosh, you'll be visiting his character sketch page, where you can link to more adventures. And for more poetry and other cool self-expression, check out Rhian's Poetry Train -- and join the party!

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Love it!
ROTFLMAO! I've been there. The one time I went to the FL Keys as an adult, I got drunk and was rather glad to be sleeping on the floor (we were camping- in a tent) considering how much the tent was moving. But that could just have been me. :) (This was many [many] moons ago).
Shit, you're fast.
Roadie, I love the form at the end:

'Explains why we're naked.
But not

Another gem from the Roadie Poet - my favorite citizen in Riverview.
So why you are on the floor?
LOL! Roadie Poet did good with this one!
*grin* i like it! fun poem Susan.
Oh the morning(after)glory!

come on over and meet my Trevor. The one I told you about waaaaaaay back, shortly after meeting your Trevor.
if there wasn't already a Trevor in my life, i think i'd totally be tackling RP.
heh. this oe is gonna keep me laughing all day!
Where's your Linkey?

You know I love the Roadie Poet.
I decided no linky with these posts; it's too depressing to see 20+ people at Rhian's and less than half that here. I didn't need the glaring reminder that half the tribe can't stand me.
I've definitely had moments like this, Susan. :)
So ya think we'll be reading this after the blogoversary at Rhians?
Hope so, Roscoe! I figure you all can commiserate with RP.
Ha Ha! Made my night!! *G* That boy has a way with poetry :)
Ugh. All too familiar.
It's like a math problem, trying to figure out how many people are naked, how many people are on the floor, how many people are in the room and on how many beds.
ROFL! Too, too funny. Want more. ;-)
Camille, especially when you're hungover! Good to see you around; I've missed you!

You gotta love Roadie Poet!
Ah! A mystery poem! LOL! From my experience of working with roadies I think there might have been a word missing before that last 'floor' but that's not polite in poetry circles! :)
"half the tribe can't stand me"
you are so full of it! everyone loves you! almost as much as they love Trevor.
And the tribe consists of WAY more than just the MPT gang.
smacking Susan upside the head.
oh - and i hope you feel better sweets!
if it makes you feel mo' better, look at your TT linky and then look at mine. you can Neener me all over the place. grin!
Oh, Rhi... trust me.
that Roadie poet is quiet a phenomenom!! Must have been a wild night for him to end up on the floor!!
(sorry for being so long before visiting you, I was on Rhian's blog, and I still have an hard time loading your page. And I still don't know why, you are the only one that does that!!)
And I will tried to figure out what was the plot I plan for the short story, and will consider if I can fit some Shapeshifters into the story!!
Ouch! But funny :D
LOL! That's just great -- and the form you used at the end is





Smiles and hugs to you my friend!
LOL! Hungover and naked on the floor - some days it doesn't pay to get up. Funny!
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