Sunday, December 23, 2007


Roadie Poet: Musketeers of the Road

Christmas break.
Two days in a hotel.
Little box of a room.

It's a room.
Hambone and me, we don't complain.
We know better.

More's staying with us, too.
Tour's happy about that.
Saves 'em the cost of her room.

Hambone pretends to sleep.
We turn the TV on for noise.
Try to be quiet.
None of it works.

Tour rented out a room
For a crew Christmas dinner.
A bigger box of a room
But at least we're not on our own
Since we can't be home.

Me and Hambone and More, we're glad of that rented box of a room.
We're a team now,
Musketeers of the road.

It'll be hard to find tours like this
Until word gets out about us.
But so what.

Right now's what matters.
Best Christmas present we could hope for.
Me, Hambone, and More.

Musketeers of the Road.

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little box of a room

bigger box of a room

Those two lines packed the most punch for me. They spoke volumes about the road, the emotion, the generic-ness of their situation.
Sounds like you're moving in on my "family of choice" theme, girlfriend! :-)
I've always been here, really, Bunny. But it cracked me up when I saw that in your mail last night.
People never think of entertainers traveling and working at Christmas. I started thinking about it when I saw Mamma Mia last night in London. They were here for like 5 days ... not locals and I wondered how hard it was for them to be on the road away from family and friends to bring total strangers such joy.

Happy Holidays SHG!! Here's to Shapeshifter's success in 2008. This is their year I feel it. :D
Oops. I picked up on the sound of the TV not, you know, blocking out the sounds...

Erm...Happy Holidays Susan!!!
Here's hoping 2008 is the year it happens for you!!!
I felt like singing it aloud!
This was wonderful Susan and reminded me of what it was like living in the music world.
Sounds like you had a good time in that box of a room.
So few realize how empty life on the road can be, and how relationships become so important in such a lifestyle.

Great poem!
Little boxes, big boxes: those three musketeers will make it work... just give 'em that half hour on stage, between 9 and 9:30 or whenever it was in Roadie Poet's first poem... it is all worth it.
Hey, great memory, Marcia!
Darn. I should have read this one at Christmas time. Not that it isn't good now, just that it would have hit harder then.
Well, Alice, I'll just have to make a note to myself to make sure I top this poem, come December...
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