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Thursday Thirteen #66 -- Love Songs

In honor of Valentine's Day, I bring you...

Thirteen Reasons Why ShapeShifter doesn't write Love Songs

C'mon. Every good band out there writes love songs in one form or another. Some artists make their entire career about love songs.

And then there's ShapeShifter. It's probably a good thing they're fictional, because, in honor of Valentine's Day, here are thirteen reasons why they don't do that lovey-dovey thing with their music.

1. Love songs make Trevor gag. While that's usually fun to watch, it's not so fun during a show. The guy needs to concentrate, not gag.

2. Love songs make Mitchell all swoony. Which makes Trevor gag. (see #1)

3. Love songs make Daniel get all sappy and start talking about the little things about Val that he loves so much. This doesn't just make Trevor gag; it gives him the dry heaves. IF you're lucky enough to catch him between meals.

4. Love songs are best when they are slow. There's nothing slow about ShapeShifter's music. Except for love from the critics. That is very slow, indeed.

5. During a show, all those lighters held aloft blind Eric.

6. Trevor gets jealous when he looks out into the audience and sees couples making out. Those girls should be his, dammit! And the guys? They should be basking in the glory that is ShapeShifter.

7. While love songs bring about the girls, they tend to bring about the girls who whine about the lack of pink ShapeShifter t-shirts.

8. ShapeShifter's all about saying Fuck You to the world. When you bring love songs into the mix, that takes on a whole new meaning. Not a bad one, but it loses some of its rebellion.

9. Having love songs in your catalog means you can't conveniently forget about Valentine's Day.

10. Guys who sing or write love songs are perceived as being tender. The only person Mitchell wants to come across as tender to is Kerri. Nope, not even his mom gets to see that side of him.

11. Ever notice how you think someone can sing until they sing a love song? Well, Mitchell doesn't want them to feel bad. (So much for hiding that tender side, eh?)

12. Trevor believes love is for the birds and if the band were to do a love song, he'd be a hypocrite. Trevor Wolff is not a hypocrite.

13. We love ShapeShifter as they are, all prickly and speedy and thrashy. We don't want them to change; we want them to improve.

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Ah, so I'm not the only one who has no time for that lovey-dovey stuff!
Aww, come on, I want to see Trevor gag!!
Gag THIS, girlie.
Love songs make me gag too.
I can't stand love songs, either. Now a LUST song...that would be something! Does ShapeShifter do any of those?
Very cool photo in the T13 header. Somehow I can't picture Trevor getting into ballad mode. 'Prickly and speedy and thrashy', yes. Hope Trevor and the gang have a hot and spicy Feb. 14th!
LOL Fun list Happy Valentine's Day!
I loved them all but number 6 made me think...So many women, so little time. Have a great TT and Valentine's Day. :)
Gagging to another guy's swoon seems to me to be the subject of a fast love song! Great post.
LMAO! Fantastic list, as always Susan. And about #7, pink ShapeShifter t-shirts would make me gag.
I'd hoped that Trevor would be like those Skittles candies -- hard on the outside but romantic and gooey on the inside. Clearly I'm wrong. (The dry heave comment makes him a little less appealing to me.) Very funny TT, and thanks for visiting mine.
Yeah, I think a ShapeShifter love song would be just scary. hehehe Happy Valentine's Day!
I am much bigger than a stupid candy, thankyouverymuch. Maybe you need to see for yourself how wrong you are.
What is it about love songs that just so TURN me off!! I agree with this list wholeheartedly.
Trevor, you make me blush! (And trust me, I don't blush easy.) I choose to take your comment as a Valentine's Day invitation and look forward to seeing for myself how hard your candy is.
I'm gonna write a song in french for the guys, and would make it a love song, and they won't even know!!It would be so fun to see them turn their tongue to sing it!!
Who says they don't know French??
Hmmmm... Happy Valentine's Day
There is nothing wrong with a good love song. You don't have to be in love to enjoy it either. Happy TT and thanks for visiting me.
When I saw the title, I knew this one wasn't going to be trite or sappy!
Great list and Happy TT! and Valentine's Day.

Mine's more of a trip through history today.
I'm so not in a romantic mood....!

The Pink Flamingo
Aw, c'mon Trev. Even Alice Cooper did love songs!! With a snake...on stage...with fake blood! How romantic is THAT???
happy Valentine's day to the boys!!
Personally I'm a sucker for a rock band doing a really incredible love song.

Trevor can just face backwards if he needs to gag.
Was Trevor's comment to, "Gag THIS, girlie," open to anyone, or just Joely... ;)

I do miss my rock-star days. (And don't believe my kids; I did have them.)
Love to see a bunch of sexy hunks having to deal with their softer side, but any gagging and dry heaving and I'm either joining them or running for the door! And because it's the Shapeshifters, I'm joining in :-)
Shapeshifter ROCK!

Happy TT + Happy Valentine´s Day ♥
To each his (or her) own! Happy Valentine's Day.
Hugs and blessings,
Not feeling up to doing my own list this week, but wanted to wish all my fave 13ers a Happy Valentines Day, and TT :)
aw c'mon! not even one teensy tiny little remake of "you're havin my baby"?
but... but... NO love songs, Trevor? At all? You know the very best love songs are the ones by hard rock bands.
Yup Trevor gagging would be bad LOL
Happy valentine's Day **grin**

Interesting list! Happy Valentine's Day! :-D
I love love songs but I don't want to see anyone gag or swoon so it's best if they stay away from the sappy stuff!!!

LOL - What a hoot! Happy TT and Valentine's Day! Oh and thanks for saying I'm a Terrific Mom on my blog. With age comes a lot of patience.
Well, here's 13 love songs anyways!

My TT is 13 love songs that you can listen to in the post. Happy TT & Valentine's!
have you been to a concert lately? It's not lighters's cell phones LMAO!

Love songs suck! Death and doom!
Hi susan,

I want someone to sing me love songs. ;)

Happy TT and Happy Valentine's day!
Imagine Shapeshifter singing Bye Bye Blackbird... Nâh.... :D
Thanks for visiting my poem TT!
They don't make thrashy, speedy, love songs? Ah well then, some things just aren't meant to be. *Grin*


Well i am a sucker for a good fun not sappy love song:> sorry -- Good list--Have a fun Valentines Day
Yay for prickly, speedy and thrashy! I have to 'fess up to liking love songs, but only if they are not cloying and saccharine. The saccharine kind would make me gag right alongside Trevor!
Most love songs make me gag as well!

Thanks for visiting my TT.
Poor Trever (rolls eyes).

#66 already? You go gyrl!
I know that you know some, Susan, but never hear the guys saying that they knew some!
hehe great list! I'm not so keen on the love-songs myself, always seem to depressing! Happy TT :)
Aw, come on. There's nothing wrong with a good rock love ballad. *g*

Happy Valentine's Day!
Sigh, Trevor obviously needs to meet his match. For want of a good woman ;)
Oh, have no fear, Shelley. He meets her. Gotta wait for the book...
I'm with Trevor - they generally make me gag! Happy Valentine's Day and thanks for coming by.
That's great! LOL!
lol You are funny. Love songs generally do suck.
Who would say this: Valentine's Day is for Losers?

Great TT!
Love songs are so fun!
Shapeshifter reminds me of AC/DC because I have never heard "The Thunder from Down Under" do a love song or a rock ballad for that matter.

#1 on your list made me think of The Swingin' Medallions (Double Shot of My Baby's Love). I remember reading that the band members would vomit on stage as part of their act! It might have been hazardous to sit in the front row of one of their shows.
if i found myself in a place where love songs and love were not welcome i would know myself to be in hell. the only remedy would be to start singing a love song. so gag all you want trev i'll just take the beat off them. gagging can be a good thing. it is meant for expelling poisons. it isn't love that is the poison it's those dark demons gnawing on your soul.

sorry susan helene i may have got carried away there. but whenever i see behavior and attitudes like trevor's i see a great gaping oozing pustulant wound on their psyche. this awakens the compassion in me and the longing to witness their healing. when i encounter such wounded characters in major roles in stories it is the hope of witnessing the moment of their healing that keeps me turning the pages.

well i guess you know you hit a nerve. that makes this a great TT. one i'll remember for awhile.
I think its best they stay away from love songs then, as it makes me gag when I see others gagging.
I'm a sucker for Lionel Richie love songs. Endless Love? Come on people. It doesn't get any better than that.
How about a youtube video of ShapeShifter playing?
I chuckle over everything that the shapeshifter said. Especially Trevor gagging LOL !

But yeah, I would love to see Trevor gag LOL

Thanks for visiting my blog, have a good weekend!

Julia - Yen
Gah, I'm so late to the party! But I'm with Trevor; I prefer songs about other things, although I am okay with songs about lost love....

Thanks for visiting mine and sorry to be so late---events overtook me.
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