Sunday, June 22, 2008


Fiction Outtake: Protection (just before Trevor's Song era)

I found this new prompt site, Velvet Verbosity, which challenges you to be inspired by a one-word prompt, but to make your inspiration fit into 100 words. No more, no less. This week's word: Protection.

Yeah. I thought the same thing.

"It's time," ShapeShifter's manager said. "You need to protect yourselves."

"Sounds like it's the girls who need to be protected from us."

"Either way. You're at the point in your career where you need to be careful. Paternity suits might be only nine months away."

No one smiled. Trevor didn't smirk. It wasn't funny. This was about contracts and rules and following them, three things Trevor particularly hated. This was about growing up, which was one of those things Trevor had vowed to never do.

"If we have to, we have to," Mitchell said. He wasn't happy about it, either.

To learn more about ShapeShifter, Trevor, and Mitchell, follow these links. You'll be taken to their bio pages, and from there, you can read more of their fictional hijinks.

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Imaging either guy being a father is funny!
Awww Shapeshifter is becoming responsible. *wink*
Well, this is one time when Trevor might want to follow the rules after all, since I'm pretty sure kids aren't big on his list of interests. Not at this stage of his life, at least.
Heh! Great take on Protection! :)
Nice. Most musicians don't think about that stuff. Ask me about Ron Welty formerly of the Offspring some time. LOL
World domination is such a bitch.
so the boys say good-by to the halcyon days of having nothing to loose and join the ranks of men with ever-growing arsenals for protection.
'Paternity suits might be only nine months away.'

LOL!! Excellent short piece, Susan. It's the other side of 'watch what you wish for - you might get it.'
I think they are at the stage where they need to separate responsibility from rules. One small step...
They might not have smiled, but I sure did. :)
Sounds like a cover-up to me ;-)

Oh, Anthony!
Wow that would a a hard assignment, 100 words, exactly? Good job!! :)
ha ha I agree with Robin
A potential paternity suit is one kind of 'protection' I suppose, LOL!
Even your short shorts are brilliant! Trevor was rendered smirkless... priceless
Great take on the challenge word. Very appropriate for ShapeShifter.
The rules speaketh :)
Great piece, Susan. It's hard to write something that short!
haven't been here in awhile.. but sure did enjoy hearing abt the boys again... nine months... that's great... definitely like the 100 word format too...
Welcome to the 100 Word Challenge! I've been flaking out recently but I do hope you'll join in again! I'm excited to have such a variety of writers.
Paterinity suits might be the least of Trevor's Troubles in the Years to come.
Oh, Edward, how true that statement is...
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