Thursday, July 03, 2008


Booking Through Thursday: Holiday

Because a long holiday weekend should make for a good stretch of reading time, this week's BTT is simple: What are you reading?


On my nightstand, I have a copy of Carole Nelson Douglas' Dancing with Werewolves. This is totally going to be the next book I rave about. LOVING it.

Downstairs (yes, that's how I divvy up my reading 'cause if I don't, a book is never on the right floor when I need it and yes, I'm too lazy to fix that numerous times a day, or when in my PJs for the night), I just started the Preston/Child creation Brimstone.

I need to put it down and read Kabbalah: A Love Story for my book club, which meets on Wednesday, though. Who, me? Putting it off to the last minute? Nah.

If you're not a BTTer, go on and tell me: what are YOU reading right now?

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Interesting, having books wherever you land.
I am actually, at this very moment, without a book. Horrifying, I know. I simply can't go on with the one I grabbed for the trip, and don't want to have to return any. I'll have to hold out for a couple more days, I guess. Maybe I can find something good to read on the internet.... :)
I have a lot in my archives, you know...
My read at home book is Thieves of Heaven by Richard Doetsch, so far very interesting, while my read at lunch book is Murder on Bank Street by Victoria Thompson. I just finished The Accidental Werewolf by Dakota Cassidy (quite fun).
Have a great 4th of July!
It always fun to discover where your books landed in whichever room hehehe. I hope you have fun reading!

Dancing with Weerewolves sound interesting. Might add this to TBR pile :)

Happy reading and 4th of July! Hope you have a good weekend!
I never thought of having different books for upstairs and downstairs - that's brilliant!
Heh - I try to have a book in progress on both floors of my house for that very same reason. If I only have one going, it's always in the opposite place of where I am. And, an added bonus, I keep the downstairs one in my purse when it's not being read, so if I happen to wander out of the house without thinking to bring a book - it's okay, it's already in my purse! =)
I'm doing beta reading, and also started The Makioka Sisters by Junichiro Tanizaki. I'm diggin' both! :-D
Last year on holiday I managed to read about four or five books a week. This year I only managed one, a very thin one. This is not good.
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