Friday, September 12, 2008


100 Words: Twist (Pre-Trevor's Song Era)

There had to be something fucked up about it. Normal people didn't come off stage and crave ice cream, but then again, Trevor Wolff wasn't normal people.

Not mere ice cream. Soft serve. Or softish old-fashioned, the kind that demands constant attention and a tongue pushing it down to the bottom of the cone and wiping up what spills over the sides and down over your hands…

Mitchell liked to drag a willing girl into the shower But Trevor, he liked to wait. To make that trip and choose which you felt like: vanilla or chocolate. Or some of each.

Methinks there's more than one twist going on here, but I'm not entirely certain. You decide.

If you're new to Trevor and Mitchell, well, what took you so long to get here? Come hang out with everyone's favorite fictional band! Click on the boys' names to be taken to a character sketch page that'll tell you all you need to know and even give you extra links to see them in action.

This short piece was written for Velvet Verbosity's 100 word challenge. Come join in; it's a great writing exercise.

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Could be worse, could be frozen yogurt!
Me thinks that licking a soft serve ice cream cone is sexual in Trevor's mind. ;)
Cheesy, in Trevor's mind, EVERYTHING is sexual.
Yup, double entendre comes through loud and clear! hehe, love that Trevor. :)
OMG I love soft serve vanilla. Why must you do this to me? McDonald's, here I come...
trevor can eat icecream off of me anytime. :D
Come on over.
oh honey - i am soooo on the way, bucket of soft serve in hand. :D

I am agreeing that there is something else going on. But my psych 101, 15 years ago, is not going to allow me figure it out.
Ohhhhhhhhh. Ice cream. Damn.
OMG - I was SURE I commented on this. What happened? Did blogger eat me or did you moderate me? ;)
Blogger must have eaten you, Wylie, darling. I never saw anything you said about this. *sniff*
LoL! Trevor is a master of the double entendre isn't he? ;)
Ooh, soft serve chocolate :-0...

And who says ice cream can't go well with a hot chick? ;)
Not me!
I'll have a chocolate and vanilla twist please!

Interesting, a fictional band. Bands always make me think of the 80's. Of course, that was back when I was listening the the radio a lot. What's weird is that so many of today's music groups can't even really be called bands. They aren't playing anything, it's all electronic.
That was pretty hot! Or cool, considering it's ice cream. And I had soft serve at lunch!
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