Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Tagged, Trevor's it?

My good friend Julia over at A Piece of My Mind tagged me for the Tag, You're It! meme. Except... she asked some of the boys to do it.

The timing of this fits nicely. I've got something in the works that'll allow you all to bring at least a piece of Trevor into your homes... stay tuned for that. But in the meantime, let me hand things over to our favorite bass player.

Six unspectacular quirks? What the fuck?

First off, nothing, and I mean nothing about Trevor Wolff is unspectacular. Got that? Total package. It's all spectacular. Come closer and see for yourself if you have to.

Probably the only thing in my life that could maybe sort of be unspectacular is Rusty. She's Mitchell's wife, but I'm stuck with her. I did my best to make sure that didn't happen. Trevor Wolff doesn't fail often, but when I do, fireworks go off. But don't tell Rusty I said that 'cause she'll start telling me all about the fireworks she sees when she and Mitchell go at it and that'll just make me puke. I fucking hate puking.

Look close. I told you six things in there. Don't hurt yourself, though. It'd suck if you were too hurt to come close and see how spectacular I am.

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You are spectaular, no doubt about it. You always think out of box.

BTW, I posted something on BBAW which is somewhat hard hitting, on my book blog. I would like your input on it, if it not too much trouble.
Ha, great job there, Trevor! You put a smile on my face, and I just love your take-no-prisoners attitude. :-D
I'll put more than a smile on your face, little kitty.
To Trev: ****SMOOOOOOOOOCH****
A little more tongue, please.
Trevor, you are incorrigible!
I think I found all six.... but then my phone rang... Ya, he hates puking is the last one.

I love puzzles! :)
LOL - Trevor, you always make me laugh. Maybe that's not the reaction you want? ;-)
Ha! In this post, he totally reminds me of a musician I know! LMAO
LOL! I love it!

Yes, Trev, you're really something all right.
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