Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Fast Facts: Mitchell Voss

If you missed the other day's post, I'm offering a few quick notes about the main characters who run around this joint like they're real people. To many of us, they are.

I did Trevor first, of course. No, wait. We're talking about Trevor, so let me rephrase. I did not DO Trevor. I wrote about him. He's not real, remember. A real person can only fantasize. But then, so does Trevor. And so does his best friend.

Anyway, that brings us to...

Mitchell Voss.

1. Let's start with the physical: six-one. Keeps fit by spending so many hours in swimming pools, his silvery-blonde hair turns green. Hazel eyes that look right through Trevor and annoy him to no end.

2. Trevor's the closest thing he's got to a brother. He's actually got two older sisters. One's a doctor and lives nearby. The other is a mom and lives out of Riverview.

3. A large part of the ShapeShifter dynamic is the Frick and Frack, Heckle and Jeckle, Lucy and Ethel that goes on between Mitchell and Trevor. It's been this way since Mitchell dreamed of a band and Trevor decided to make it happen.

4. It's rare to find Mitchell without a guitar in hand. The man oozes music and for better or for worse, there's not much more to him than music. But does there need to be more?

5. Many of my long-time groupies have come to love Mitchell more than Trevor. He's moody, sensitive, and the calm in the face of Trevor's storm. He's also completely devoted to his wife, Kerri, in ways that all us married women wish our husbands really, truly were like. No matter how great our husbands.

(okay, now. Who was this post REALLY about? I told you that Trevor rules the roost around here!)

Want more Mitchell?

This link will take you to one of my favorite Year 2 outtakes.

This link
will take you to his bio page. Like with Trevor's page, there are lots of links for you to have fun with. Focus on those, not the bio. Looks like I need to rewrite it. Yikes!

Susan, how do you develop your characters...do they always act consistent with who you think they are....what if they don't? do you adjust who they are?

Feel free to answer in email if you have time.

I don't think Trevor would be Trevor without Mitchell... I like 'em both! :)
Blogger wouldn't let me leave a comment last night but I wanted to say that one of the things I like about Mitchell is how he's a nice guy who puts on a gruff act to keep people from invading his space. I do that a lot myself, so I can totally relate.
I love Mitchell. Love his devotion to Kerri. I also love the brotherly relationship he has with Trevor. :)
Yeah, Trevor has instant 'rogue' appeal but Mitchell is much more likeable.

Still, as characters I love them both and the dynamic between them is the backbone of Shapeshifter for me.

Sorry, I haven't been around much Work and real life are getting in the way of quality blogging. I have viisted but don't always haev time to comment (because I'm at work! Shhhh!).
Trevor is very real for us! So is Mitchell!
I remember when I first start reading your blog I thought Trevor and Mitchell were real. You have such an eye for detail with your characters. It's a rare talent.

I like the relationship between Mitchell and Kerri. It adds dimension to all the characters.
My fictional character hang around too, but they're not near as musical as Trevor.
I can't wait to discover more about Roadie Poet. :)

Great idea!
Nice Post. Thanks for sharing this information with us.
LOL on not "do"ing Trevor.

I'm still just getting to know Mitchell and Trevor. I really couldn't say which I like more.
I can't wait until you get their story published and I get to hold it/them (I assume it would take several books to tell the story) in my hands!
Soon, my friend. And yes, I see this as a multi-volume thing.
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