Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Susan's Book Talk: In my Hands...

Well, boys, girls and groupies of all sizes, shapes, and genders.

In my hands is what I think is going to be the final version of The Demo Tapes. You've asked and I'm about to deliver... Wow. This is scary and exhilarating all at once. Sort of like I imagine how I'd feel if I were allowed to be the first person to try out a new roller coaster... with a blindfold.

No, maybe not. Blindfolds take the fun out of it, no matter what Trevor says. We're talking roller coasters here, folks. And books. MY book.

Since this is mine, thanks to the good folks at Lulu, I get to make the rules. One of which is that you'll be able to buy The Demo Tapes from me. You'll be able to buy them through Lulu. You might be able to buy them through Amazon, but I'll only earn 66 cents per copy once Amazon gets their cut, and that doesn't leave me much to pay off my (limited) expenses and still have enough profit to donate to charity.

What I need to know right now (Yes, this instant!) is ... would you like an autographed copy? The only way to get one is to get it directly through me for a million reasons, one of which is that this book is being produced Print on Demand, so until someone places an order, there's nothing for me to sign.

Tell me in the comments. Lay it all out; I have comment mod only only to get rid of the spammers who leave links to obnoxious spam sites.

Here's the back cover copy:

A band's demo tape is intended to introduce listeners to their music. Likewise, this collection of short pieces allows readers into the fictional world of Trevor Wolff and his band, ShapeShifter.

Originally published online between April 2006 and March 2007, The Demo Tapes: Year 1 brings together the moments that parallel -- but never encounter -- Susan Helene Gottfried's debut novel, Trevor's Song. Arranged chronologically and with introductions to each, this is a must-have volume for anyone who's ever wanted to hang with a rock band.

As Frigga asked, the book is priced at $9.98 and there will be shipping costs involved. I need to figure them out yet (think three bucks for US addresses, tops). And yes, PayPal is a FINE form of payment.

More details on all this to come. Stay tuned.

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Ooh, very exciting!! How much will it be, and would you accept PayPal? of course an autographed copy would be better than a non-autographed one :) Congrats on getting it out!!! :)
It'll be $9.98 plus some undetermined shipping cost, babe. And yes, PayPal is most excellent.
Congratulations! How very exciting! :) Whoot whoot!
*waves* ME ME ME! This is so exciting! These will be available in time for the holidays, right?
Oh cool! I love that title: The Demo Tapes. That's GREAT!

Will you be offering it as an ebook on Lulu? Or anywhere? (Say yes, please! I'd even pay $9.98 for your ebook!)
You know my answer. Email me the final cost, TTL, and we'll work something out.
Congratulations! Count me in for an autographed copy of your book!
Ooooh, ooooh, ooooh! Congrats! I knew this day was coming!!! How exhilirating! Great job...Now, onto other things...(ha, ha) ;-)
Please, please, please count me in for an autographed copy! WOO HOO! :-D
I'll have to wait until I get my next blogging paycheck, but then count me in for autographing and all!
Oooh, how exciting!

Any idea when it will be available? My folks are coming over in just a few weeks :).
Of COURSE I still love Mitchell!! I just didn't have to do ALL the rounds yesterday... (Max & Ruby is only 20 minutes long!)

And oh yeah -- put me down for a 'Hancocked' copy of Demo Tapes. Love the title, btw.
I just awarded you the I Love Your Blog Award. Check out my blog for details.

sign me up for a signed copy Chica!
Yes! Autographed! I'm sure I can find my paypal password somewhere! If not, I'll make a new account for Leon to buy it for me, grin. Wait, I should do that anyway.

I'm so excited that you have done this.
Count me in for an autographed copy. :)
I am not sure how I missed this post but sign me up for an autographed copy! I am so excited for you!
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