Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We've moved!

Thanks to the help of some good people who work for Google and the inspiration of a good friend and some slick talk by the Tour Manager, I can get in here and tell you that to avoid this happening again, we've moved to a new home.

It's still partially constructed as I write this and still needs some tweaks. But it's home.

Come join me there.

Leaving a comment here, as I couldn't find a place to in your new home. Sometimes I have trouble with dark pages, so perhaps it was there and I just missed it?

Why are you moving? And what did the google manager have to do with it?

In your last message, you were heading to ARches...anxious to hear how you like it? We thought it was awesome out there.

Ok...this confuses me; I'm on the page that opens when I click your name; but it's the page you say you've moved from. Your name isn't a link when you leave comments.

This page says meet and is this not the page?

Gonna try to go to the other page with fingers crossed and see if I can leave a comment.

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