Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Thinking about Behold Me

When I first created the characters who now populate Trevors Song, I first created Mitchell and Kerri Voss. Their story, at the time called Shape of Family, was the story of Kerri's revealing a deep, dark secret to Mitchell: that when she'd married him, her mother had written her off as dead.

I've struggled with this story for six years now; I have the characters down cold, as you'll be able to see as you continue to read this blog. But the story... whenever I try to get Kerri into a confrontation with her mother, it doesn't work. It always feels forced; as unnatural as Trevor is natural.

So I'm playing with what to do about this. After all, I can't tell Amanda's story without this one being told (I think). And I'm now envisioning that Amanda's story will be the third in the Riverview series.

But still... I am stuck at the second book. At Kerri and Mitchell and Kerri's mother.

I was thinking at dinner that maybe Kerri and her mother shouldn't have that confrontation scene. That maybe they just look right through each other, like strangers. Or that Kerri tries but is rebuffed.

Still, it doesn't seem like enough to support a book.

My brain churns on...

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