Thursday, August 03, 2006


Dream ShapeShifter Fan Club -- Dream Contest

If ShapeShifter had a fan club that was worth anything (which, at the time of Trevor's Song, they don't. Not really; it's merely okay), they would love to host this kind of contest (conveniently timed, of course, to coincide with a heat wave):

Summer Splash!

Do your friends think it's okay to pee in the pool? That a poolside barbecue means dogs and burgers? That the hot chick in the floating lounge chair is for dumping into the deep end?

Four lucky Shifter Club members will win the right to bring a friend and make their way to Riverview, where they will join Daniel, Trevor, Eric, and Mitchell for an afternoon of fun in the sun. We'll bring in food from local favorite Big Buck's Best Barbecue, complete with world-famous Bodacious Sauce (TM), while we have all the fun in the sun that you can handle. And then we'll have more.

How to enter: Use the contest form on the Shifter's Club website. One entry per member. Winners may bring a single guest and are responsible for getting to Riverview, but we'll spring for two nights in a not-terribly roach-infested hotel and transportation to and from a private backyard pool that you are sure to love!

Anyone waiting half an hour between eating and swimming is guaranteed to be thrown in, head first. ShapeShifter is not responsible for any injuries that may occur from this practice, but if you're worried, get yourself in the pool before we heave your ass in.

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And I thought this was real... Sheesh. Another cuppa tea, please.

Although I'm still curious about Bodacious Sauce (TM) -- and want to know if that hotel will be that 75c/night place. :)
I suppose that at some point in our fictional adventures, we can MAKE it real, but no, the hotel isn't The Strand. I'll have to create one, I suppose.

As for Bodacious Sauce (TM), stay tuned... it has a pretty big role in two different stories I've got cooking.
what an awesome post...
Thanks! :D
Can I sign up for this contest? I'm ready.
You and me both. But if I let you win, are you going to jump Mitchell and piss off Kerri?
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