Wednesday, August 16, 2006


For Karen!

Since the last time the band was doing something interesting, they were about to host a pool party catered by Big Buck's Best Barbecue and since Karen! asked for it, and since I think it'd be fun, here's what she asked and what I answered.

Karen! said: Pop quiz!
Backyard BBQ, what does everyone (Trev, Mitchell, Kerri, etc) want most to eat?


Mitchell: Kerri
Kerri: Mitchell smothered in chocolate sauce
Trevor: Kerri, Heather, Diane, or any other willing woman
Daniel: steak, preferrably a filet, butterflied yet still perfectly medium rare
Eric: chicken breasts dripping in Bodacious (TM) Sauce, carefully scraped of the sauce before eating to prevent drips

Careful what you ask for...

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Hey, keep 'em coming. That was fun!

Maybe I'll even do a serious answer for the first three...
I loved Daniel and Eric... once I read that part of the post, I thought, "yeah, that fits" :D
I especially like Eric's whole thing with scraping the sauce off so it won't make a mess. *sigh*

Poor guy ought to stop wearing subtle colors and go for basic black like the rest of his band so no one sees the Bodacious (TM) Sauce...
Trust me, even wearing all black spilled bbq sauce still manages to be seen no matter how much you wipe it off.

<- is speaking from experience here :P
Yeah, but it's a lot more subtle than when you're wearing light blue or lavender!
What about poor Val?
Trust me. There is NOTHING poor about Val.

She's the one who'll grill up a lobster tail.

Like I said, nothing poor about Val.
I wouldn't mind seeing Mitchell smothered in chocolate sauce myself. *drool* I wonder if there's a dark chocolate sauce out there somewhere.
Oh, we could always make one, I'm sure!

And yes, I wouldn't mind seeing M smothered in chocolate sauce, myself. But go figure... that's why I created him! (sorta reminds me of that famous Jessica Rabbit line, ya know? "I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way.")
Do you mean Mitchell or Martion when you say M smothered in chocolate sauce? ;)
Mitchell. They all call him M; it's the only nickname he'll tolerate.
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