Thursday, August 24, 2006


Let your vote count!

Tired of voting against Lukas on Rock Star: Supernova? Try The Quill Awards instead. Vote for your favorite books 'cause Dilana's gonna win anyway.

I'm gonna start voting for Lukas, I told you. They deserve him. Did you HEAR that original song this week? SUCKSDONKEYBUTT.

I had to vote for If You Give A Pig A Party. My kids are ALL over those books. But I came away with 3 new wishlist books. Thanks. I need more books. No. Really.
I think you just want to watch me puke and gag, voting for Lukas. Aargh! Even the mere THOUGHT of his poseur ass makes me wanna hurl.

Yes, the original Supernova song made ME want to put a bag over my head and disavow any relationship to the band... even as a listener.

I'll tell you, if that drek comes on my radio, I'm changing the station!

As for the books... we ALL need more books! Stay tuned to this space; maybe I'll send YOU one. *wink*
I voted for the Quill awards even though I haven't read most of the books yet ;)
I haven't, either, but I voted on my wish list. This is the problem with being so backlogged with books. :(
Sorry, independently, my kids and I picked Dilana...then when the twins found out they share a birthday with Dilana, that was it, they were hooked.

I liked the SOUND of their first song, but nothing since, and of course I am enthralled to see Jason on bass again, but yeah, their writing needs a HUGH kick in the azzz.
My claims to liking Jason are on the line with this band of his...

I've heard a rumor that it's in the bag and Lukas wins. If so, I might not MIND that my claims to liking Jason might be on the line! Ugh!
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