Monday, August 21, 2006


To further confuse an issue...

There is a man out there named Todd James Pierce. He used to, maybe still does, run a website devoted to literary agents. I won't name it 'cause I think it's defunct and even if it isn't, my point here isn't to trash the guy.

He's been trashed, at reputable places like this, among others.

BUT today, I got a mailing from the University of Pittsburgh's Contemporary Writers Series, detailing their upcoming events. On November 1, 2006, the Drue Heinz Literature Prize Reading and Award Ceremony will honor the winner...

One Todd James Pierce.

Chosen this year by Joan Didion, Mr. Pierce has won himself a $15,000 award.

Say what you will about the advice he gives (gave? It's an old bit of scandal now) new writers. But apparently none of that hoopla mattered to Ms. Didion and as Miss Snark insists time and again, good writing rises to the top every time.

Congratulations to Mr. Pierce. May this be the start of better days.

so bizarre.
Anyway, good for him that he won the award.
I must admit to being more curious to read this winning short story collection than I would have been if the controversy hadn't occurred. I doubt I will read it, though; I loathe short stories the way Trevor loathes prudes.
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