Thursday, September 14, 2006


Two more great reads

While you're waiting for me to finish revising Trevor's Song, market it, find it a publisher, and get it on the shelves, here are two more goodies for you, in order.

First is Sleep Toward Heaven, by Amanda Eyre Ward. One of the best, most powerful and moving books I've read in a VERY long time.

Next up is A Certain Slant of Light, by Cynthia Thayer.

Check 'em out. Let me know when you agree that yeah, these books ARE worth the delays until Trevor is in your hands. And as always, if you'd like to buy them, I suggest checking BookSense for an independent bookseller near you.

Happy reading! I'm off to ... *sigh* edit.


hmmm... I'll have to check these books out.
Sounds good even though they have a deja vou to them.

Musn't forget to update my wishlist ;)
Not sure why they'd have a deja vu feel, unless you'd noticed the titles when you were here. Or unless it's because they've made relayer rounds -- both were claimed on relays or in one of the VBBs that're active.
No I haven't seen the books at your house. But the stories are simular. Like men/women are on their own paths of life but find peace at the end. Only difference is the way it's written.
Interesting observation and not one I'd have made. Wow! I'm impressed!
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