Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Byline: Chelle LaFleur -- Autumn Leaves

Any you girls ready for a drool-fest? I've got a picture here that'll be on the cover of the November Guitar Gods magazine featuring the one and only, totally drool-icious Mitchell Voss.

And girls, this ain't no posed picture. This is the Handsome Man himself, outside, playing in the autumn leaves. I've never been sorry I don't live somewhere where the leaves change colors until I saw this picture, let me tell you. I'm ready to up and move my fat ass to Vermont, or wherever they had to go to get leaves this color so early in the season. I'm not just ready. Oh, no. This puppy's got me packed and on the road. It's that hot.

My friend Mitchell is wearing a hoody that's a pumpkin-orange, and he's actually -- can you believe this? Write this one down for posterity -- laughing. That's right. You read that right. The man can laugh. I know that's been widely speculated about and even I had doubts about it, but apparently, even if they had to stick an ice cube down the front of those delicously tight jeans, the man can at least act like he's doing it long enough for the camera to snap.

I hear from a reliable source that there's plenty more inside, including pictures of Mrs. Mitchell herself, the low-key but very famous Kerri Voss, and -- don't pass out on me now, girls -- their boys. I haven't been priveleged enough to see the rest of the spread yet, but I hear it's a doozy.

Boys, I don't know what to tell you 'cause I don't have an inkling of what's inside, or why they're running this now, during a quiet period for the band. It doesn't matter. It's ShapeShifter, and we're all missing that thunder they call music.

Start saving your pennies now. Flood the newstands; I'm told the on-sale date is November 1. Let's make this be the next in a long series of Guitar God magazines that sell out their print run. Funny, but a little bit of research tells me that of their top-ten best-selling covers, four of them have included ShapeShifter's god-like frontman. The #2 seller, Terry Fantillo, only has two in that same top ten. Seven wives, but only two covers.

Remember the on-sale date and check out that picture. I told you here, and I told you first.

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You're making me want to see a picture of Mitchell. Stop it! *G* I saw those links and thought maybe you has more info on the family but alas the links went nowhere. :(
I like it girl. Once again, great job. :D
The links went nowhere? I'll have to fix that... they're supposed to take you back to the main West of Mars site, to the specific character sketch.

As for pictures of Mitchell (and company), I'm open to posting fan art on the site! I'm also open to talking with anyone who'd like to MAKE art (paid art, I mean) for the characters. So if you know any artists, point them my way!
I haven't even read the post yet, but I just have to say that I'm so pleased to see Chelle again.
Ok, I love Chelle.

This is a great post from her... I want to go run out and pick up Guitar God (btw, one time it's plural and one time it's not) as soon as it hits the shelf!
Too bad it's not real!
Aww, thanks, Karen!! I hope Chelle has more to say in the upcoming future, but with someone like her, it shouldn't be an issue.
i did a cheesy and went to the links, thinking, let me see what this pic looks umm you have to come up w/the mag or at least an abbrievated one, a fanzine or something that has the pic w/the leaves. it went to the main page w/character info for me.

ok, leaves change colors?? LOL
Well, the links are there mostly for new people, so that they don't feel like they're late to the party.

If you know anyone who's an artist, tell them to send me some fan art!
A word tells a thousand pictures :-)
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