Thursday, October 26, 2006


Have a say in Susan's fictional world

Karen! found a typo in my previous post, so now I'm going to show my appreciation to my loyal groupies by letting you raise your voice.

Is the magazine named Guitar God or Guitar Gods, with an s?

One god, or many? (and no, don't turn this into a religious rant. I'm Jewish. There's only one God. And if you want to go all Kabbalistic, God is everything and everything is God, and that's just how it is, so deal)

It would definately be Guitar Gods - with the s. Each really good guitar player would be called a Guitar God. There are lots of good players, hence Guitar Gods :)
Well, yeah. But I can argue for the singular, too: the magazine features only one god a month.

Thus... throwing it to you guys.

Thanks for voting!
There are guitar gods, then there's the ultimate guitar god (may he rest in peace). Unless this was a mag about ONE guitar god, I gotta say go with the s.
Good way of looking at it.
i'm w/lauren & marci..if it features different guitar gods, it's w/the s. if it's one and one only, singular. i vote for the s.
I vote for Guitar gods. I grew up not adding a capital g when referring to any other gods. Only God gets the capital. But definitely add the s. ;)
Now THAT is interesting, Cheese! I was capitalizing the G because it's the name of a magazine, but you have a great point. I, too, only capitalize the G when we're talking about The One and Only.

Nice thinking!
Definitely Guitar gods :)
I'm voting plural!

But my vote is very inconsequential. I am voting for Florida Governor based on the one who claims he will eradicate the inane FCAT testing! My kids have done great...don't care...tired of teaching to the test.

How did I turn this into my rant? Go plural!
OK, so we are now at "Guitar g-ds" as the title????

Even though only one artist a month is featured, it is a periodical, thus it is a continuing look at Guitar GodS
There, that is my vote.
No, P. We'll spell the whole thing out.

Hmm. You're me wonder if the publisher is Jewish? Do we care enough to let you guys vote again? *grin*
and I was going to vote for the singular... oh, well, I guess I'm in the minority...

Happy Friday, everyone!
Hey, there's got to be a black sheep in every crowd, babe.

From THIS black sheep, that's pretty high praise.
I would say Gods, but I'm an accountant, so don't listen to me...
I would be a stupid fool if I didn't listen to you accountants!!!
There she goes with the fool again. I think someone has been watching Mr. T. LOL
I think YOU'VE been watching Mr. T, not me! I don't watch TV.

Well, okay, the Steelers are stinking up the other room. But I'm in here!!
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