Sunday, October 29, 2006


Music talk: A quick get-well

Just wanted to wish a public get-well to Jason Newsted, who has long been one of my musical heroes and who I will probably always think of as one of the world's most photogenic men.

You can find the details in the last two paragraphs of the Blabbermouth article I've linked to in my headline.

Jason, as you recover, how about firing up the Chophouse again and exposing us to more brilliant stuff?

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I didn't even know he was injured. 9 months!? Wow, that's a long time!

Perhaps while he is recovering he can come up with a better name for his band.

*worse band name EVER!*
Ouch! That had to hurt. Poor Jason. I hope that doesn't screw up his playing.
I have a feeling it hurts a lot less than it would have hurt actually going on tour with those other three...
Your bad! LOL
Lauren, I think he should join a new one.

Although as Penina pointed out, he's not going to be able to do the little things like ... pee or eat for awhile, so maybe we should cut him some slack.

If he cranks up the Chophouse, I'll cut him a LOT of slack!!
Poor Jason. I guess I can get used to the idea of not hearing him play by popping in ...And Justice.
What? You mean you can hear the bass on that album? *grin*

(you DO know that story, right?)
Yikes, that's a serious injury. Those old rockers should stay well away from the equipment!
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