Tuesday, October 10, 2006


You in Pittsburgh?

If you're in the Pittsburgh area come Friday night -- yep, the thirteenth -- you might want to stop by the beautiful Southside Works and, in particular, Joseph Beth Books, where my new friend Rebecca Drake will be doing a reading in support of her new book, Don't Be Afraid.

Buy a copy. Have her autograph it. Take a picture with it, her, and you. Send me said picture and when I recover from BAFAB, maybe I'll send you a goodie.

If you're not in Pittsburgh, well, maybe you should reconsider that fact. Or at the very least, keep an eye on Rebecca's website and maybe she'll be doing a signing near you. She's cool. It'll be time worth spent and crowds well worth pushing through.

Btw, you should also be keeping an eye on Working Stiffs. If you go to Rebecca's readings along the way and tell her you're a Working Stiffs reader, she just might have a goodie for you.

Hey, it's October. This month is all about goodies, especially with the Steelers and Pens not giving us many. Yet.

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Okay, I can handle you being a Pens fan, but put on the gloves and let's rumble when it comes to football. this year, it's payback... (Says the now confident Bengals fan.)

So cool that you have a Jo-Beth in your town. That was my favourite book store in all of Cincinnati. I still miss it. Spent many hours in their cafe and in the aisles of the mystery section. *sigh* Those were the days.
Well, I grew up in Pittsburgh in the 70s, during the Super Bowl years, so even when the Steelers suck, I love them. I swear, they inject something into you when you're born here in town.

As for Jo-Beth, we've been there rarely, and I wasn't terribly impressed with how they displayed the shelf for upcoming author events. I still prefer my independents.
Well, back in the day when it first came to Cincinnati, it wasn't a big chain store -- they're still small in comparison to the other Bs! I see they've explaned beyond Cinti and Lexington now.

I suppose you Steeler fans are like my husband and his friends who are rabid Yankees fans. He says he became a Yankees fan because at that time the Mets were great and the Yankees sucked. Go figure. Me, I can't understand the passion with the Yankees, but then I love my Indians. (My sport of choice is still college basketball though...)
I *believe* that our Jo-Beth was the first outside of Ohio, but if they were in Lexington before 2004 or so, clearly I was misled. Grr.

As for loving the Steelers, this is Steeler country. It's what you DO. Many are rabid, yes. It's not uncommon to hear on the radio, "The city's mourning today because the Steelers lost last night."

But some of us are strong in our hearts and we don't wear our fanaticism on our sleeves. We prefer to wave our Terrible Towels in private. :)
I can't be in Pittsburgh! :(
I can check out your friend's books though.
I'm not a sports fan at all. :P
I do love Dog the Bounty Hunter though. :D
I wish you WERE here. :(
But do check out Rebecca's book. And did you see Dog tonight???
Just ordered her book...thanks for the referral!
Hey, thank YOU.

But... you know... if you'd waited until Friday and ordered through the Mystery Lover's Bookshop, everything will be 13% off -- and they have free shipping for orders over a certain price...

Next time, huh?
What about a link to that Mystery Lover's Bookshop, eh?
PS -- the Lexington J-B was teh first -- I was thrilled when they expanded to Cincinnati. :)
There's one in my sidebar, under More Literary Sites. It's the fifth one down.

btw, if you wait until Friday to place your order, you can have 13% off in honor of Friday the 13th.

And if you tell them I sent you, make sure you get my name right (that's a dig at Penina, who's known me for six years now and STILL got it wrong!). :D
If Lexington was the first, why does Publisher's Weekly call them an Ohio chain? That must be where HQ is.

Can I mention the 13% off sale in ANOTHER comment, do you think? *grin*
Interesting about being an "Ohio chain"... I definitely visited their Lexington shop before Cincinnati.

Aha! Lexington store opened in '86; I must have been in the original store, because I know I've not been to Lexington Green! :) (I've been to Lexington proper once in my life -- of course, I found a book store. All my trips to Keeneland don't count.)

Mmmm... 13% of on the 13th? I think I'll celebrate my birthday a day late. Mark's taking me to Applebee's for a free dessert. Mmmm... maple walnut blondie. Yum.
Tell Mary-Alice at Mystery Lovers that I sent you! :D

Maple Walnut Brownie, huh? Won't fight you for that one; not enough chocolate. I'll forgive you, though. I am partial to October babies (Mitchell's one). ;)
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