Wednesday, November 15, 2006


fiction outtake: Something new I'm playing with

I was inspired by the whole Death by Cheese thing, and I seem to be entranced by a new plot idea. For a new novel, folks, not another outtake.

This cracked me up. ShapeShifter's been in demand for TV appearances:

Apparently, one of the kids' cable networks had called and put out feelers, but had run when reminded of Mitchell's love for the words "pussies" and "fuckers."

"Funny," Mitchell had pointed out to JR, "I've never said those two particular words on any other broadcast we've done."

They'd both conveniently ignored Mitchell's talent for slipping them into songs and somehow past the censors who were supposed to be on guard for them.

Back tomorrow with a Thursday Thirteen

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I remember a singer who got into trouble for his use of I believe fuck on a "kiddies" show in England. Didn't The Stones slip something in on song when someone didn't want them to sing the correct lyrics to Let's Spend the Night Together. Can't wait til tomorrow..I've been anxiously awaiting it all week making me think today was Thursday.
I don't think it could happen in the post-Janet era, but since this is set before that... *wink*
so stopping by, again. Anxiously awaiting the Thursday 13--is it thrusday yet huh? huh? huh?
Hmmm when he slips and say pussy they can spin it and make him mean pussy cat. ;) LOL
Yep, that's Mitchell. One big pussy hound... uhhhh.... cat. Yeah. I meant cat.
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