Monday, November 27, 2006


Public Service Announcement:

Green Hair Week will commence on Sunday, December 3, I believe. Expect a bunch of posts that tell the story of my poor, beloved Mitchell Voss and how he turned his hair green during a ... Oh, never mind. You'll get to read all about it.

Warning, though: there's rough language, as always with the ShapeShifter boys, and some references to sex. I'd rate this PG-13, myself, but then again, I'm pretty liberal. You've got to be when you've got THOSE people living in your head...

More ahead, including a new arrival on the scene -- well, she's been there awhile, but will be new to you guys. Stay tuned and rock on!


PG-13. Figures. You Pitt alums are pretty free spirited unlike us more reserved Carnegie Mellon men.

I'll stop by on the 3rd but I'll have my fingers over my eyes and read through the cracks so I won't see any bad words :-)
Hey, I'm married to a CMU man! I know how you guys are. *wink*

And you should say you'll stop by STARTING on the third; this is going to be a week-long event, you know!

Glad you stopped by today, though. I'm sorta partial to you CMU dudes.
looking forward to it!
I'm curious as to why it's going to take an entire week to explain the green hair ... I can't wait!
Well, we need Trevor for that explanation.

You see, (he'd say) it's all about drawing it out, teasing, bringing her to the edge and back a couple of times before you can sit back and watch her go nuts. Instant gratification ain't a darn thing it's cracked up to be.
Trevor and Mitchell?
Sorry Susan, I'd rate it R.
Are we talking content or emotional level here, Lauren? *grin*
I'm more liberal IRL than most folks would guess. I'm having a FUN time reading your posts, can't wait to hear about the Green Hair Week.

P.S. LOVE your T13 banner, ha ha! Actually, I do. ;)
The banner fit.

But ... not all of my readers are so open-minded. Nor are all the blog rolls!

Which is too bad. I mean... hello? Sex, drugs, rock and roll? Ever heard of it?

I can't wait! w00t! I have on green toe nail polish for the occasion. :P
I gotta see pictures of THAT!
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