Thursday, November 30, 2006


Spawn of Thursday Thirteen #5

I had to point out that my friend Lauren added a fourteenth thing that ShapeShifter fans want for Christmas. Ready?

#14 - The author who wrote all about ShapeShifter to get a book deal and be published!

Amen, sister. From your fingertips to God's eyes.

Thanks for the support -- thanks to Lauren and all the rest of you who stop in once in awhile, or regularly. You guys keep me motivated and keep the creativity flowing. I need that -- and appreciate the hell out of you for it!

(Green Hair week starts in THREE DAYS. Can you stand it?)


good show, Lauren!!!!
I'll say! I can't tell you how special that made me feel.

Which is why I gave it its own post. And linked to all three of Lauren's sites. :D
Bravo Lauren!!!

how many days again to the green hair saga LOL
ps where's this week Thursday 13??

:::musie begging and pleading and saying please nicely:::
Three days, and scroll down. This entry is entirely dependent on today's TT.
Wishing you all the best, Susan. Didn't participate in TT this week as I don't feel like it :(
Still uninspired, SW? Sorry to hear that.

BUT I'll leave you with this thought: ShapeShifter was conceived during a funk. I was bummed out, I'd broken up with my first agent (who'd done nothing for me except frustrate me), and I thought it was all over before it began. I turned on the TV and ... voila. Inspiration.

Hang in there!
Lauren knows best LOL
That's such a sweet thing to say! Lauren clearly rules.

Three days to go! Woo!
Can I say that I just love your blog name?! I did say it.

Mine's kinda cool too.. take care and have a great Thursday! :)
That's why it's one of my goals on 43 things. ;)
I still have to take a picture of my toenails for you. :P
Lauren DOES rule (and Dana would know. Hope she's beaming like a proud mama).

Yes, East of Oregon IS a great name; I'll have to come visit!

And yes, Cheesy, I need pictures of those toes!!!!!!!!!
hey thanks for the visit! please come again early and often... have a nice early start to the weekend..:)
Thank you, thank you!
*throws roses onto the ice in appreciation of such a great performance*

East... looks like we've made new friends, huh? *grin*
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