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Susan's Book Talk: Rosemary Edghill (and India, too!)

A few years back, my book club read India Edghill's first novel, Queenmaker. We loved it, but we had questions about it. I contacted India via e-mail and we struck up a nice correspondance. So, when her second novel, Wisdom's Daughter came out, we had to read that one, too.

In fact, we had India call in to our book club meeting during our discussion of Wisdom's Daughter, although we mostly wound up talking about other books, especially the Biblical Historical genre, which both Queenmaker and Wisdom's Daughter fall into.

As we were talking, though, I mentioned that I had three novels here that her sister, Rosemary, had written. Gathered into one Omnibus, they are commonly referred to as The Bast Novels, after the main character.

Finally, over a year later, I'm reading them. And let me tell you, these books may be about ten years old, but they have stood up to the passage of time. The world that Rosemary creates is real, it's colorful, it's vibrant -- and it's alive. Separately, the three are Speak Daggers to Her, Book of Moons, and The Bowl of Night. Together, they are Bell, Book, and Murder.

(Mystery Lovers' Bookshop doesn't have a link to The Bowl of Night, but I bet if you call them, they can find it for you.)

Go get 'em. Heck, go get all five of them. You won't be disappointed.

Don't forget! Mitchell's Green Hair week is coming! Stay tuned!


I still have Queenmaker on MT. TBR. I best bump it up a bit. I remember you saying that India's sister was an author too. I'll have to check her out also. Thanks for the reminder.
I can't wait to hear about Mitchell's green hair. :)
Ooh, I'd forgotten that you got a copy of Queenmaker because of my shouting about it. Definitely bump it up -- but before you do, how about letting us know what you thought of the Black book???? (the fourth in the With Violet Eyes series -- what's it called?)
I'm waiting to hear about Mitchell's green hair too!

It's very cool that you can get an author to call in to your book club session! Once you get published, I will create a book club just to read your book and you must call in lol
I can do that. We'll even go one better and record it at so that others can listen in and, I think, add to the conversation. Won't THAT be cool? I won't have to answer the same thing eight hundred times!!! :D
Those books sound interesting. I can see my 'to read' pile getting larger ...

And are you avoiding telling us about the hair, just to get us to keep checking back? Nice plan! :D
Well, enough people were interested in Mitchell's Green Hair when I included it in a Thursday Thirteen that I decided to make it its own event. But even without that, it's a great story and deserves the hype.

As for books to read... until you've got as many as I do (or more), you're not a die-hard! Just be careful or, because I love to trade so much, I might mail you some of mine!
How's it going Susan? I'm back and ready to keep on reading! I saw that you are getting some nominations over at:
Welcome home (again), Rash! Yeah, the nominations ... wild, huh? I feel priveleged to be in such good company.

Glad you're back. It's been WAY too quiet around here. Not only do we now have Green Hair Week to look forward to next week, but I've got Pam ready to talk to you groupies! (I'm dangerously prolific when it's quiet)
I have 'Queenmaker' on Mt. TBR.
I loaned it to my mom, she loved it ;)
You guys need to find those books on Mt. TBR and get to them already! Very different vibe than Fat Kid, but you'll both like Queenmaker as much as I did. If not more.

Really brilliant stuff.

Now, go hunt down Rosemary's books, too!
HUH? Green hair week?

WOW! I think that's so cool that you've actually had DIRECT INSIGHT from the author! How neat for your book club! ;)
Hey, CM! Green Hair Week comes from my TT #3, where I referenced it. You'll see; it's fun. I've got five or six posts lined up for it, so get ready! (I'll start probably next Sunday)

And if you're in a book club, it's easy to get to talk to the author. I go to their website before we meet and drop them a line and ask if I can send them any questions that come up during our discussion. That's how I started chatting with India; when we read Wisdom's Daughter, it just seemed natural to have her call in.

I've had very neat e-mail correspondences with interesting authors, thanks to my book club. Definitely a perk I've enjoyed.
Undyed green hair...yes, that definitely merits an explanation and a story. :)

I nominated you, even though it seems like your blog has already generated a good deal of talk over there already. *Cheers*
Hey, thanks for the plug! I hope to have some other fun links for you guys to explore soon... *wink* Stay tuned for those.
I think I voted in the wrong place ... *hits self on head*

If anyone can point out where I left my brain, I'd be really, really grateful ...
I think it's on vacation with mine, ls.

In the Bahamas, lucky suckers.
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