Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Thanksgiving Thursday Thirteen (#4)

Thirteen Things ShapeShifter is thankful for

1. Trevor's original vision that created the band

2. A savvy manager

3. The rabid fans who would sooner miss work than a show, the fans who follow the band on tour, the fans who buy the records but never come to shows, and everyone in between

4. The girls who take the time to make themselves look good so they'll please the band

5. Musical talent, even though Trevor's is a bit lacking at times

6. Kerri, who keeps Mitchell grounded and his head the proper size

7. Multi-platinum records

8. The journalists who cover the band, even when they don't do anything they think is particularly newsworthy

9. Val, who cooks for them

10. No more day jobs!

11. Mitchell's parents, who are the ultimate band parents: always supportive but brutally honest, and who love to send the band care packages while on the road

12. A creator with a great vision (that'd be me)

13. lots of readers for Susan's blog (that'd be you)

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Happy Thanksgiving and may you find success in all that you do! :)
happy thanksgiving and tt
Have a great Thanksgiving!
Cool TT.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Okay, I'm intrigued. Keep plugging away on the project and keep us updated on your progress! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a Happy TT!
I have parent's like Mitchell ... she says it as she sees it even if I am the one getting dumped on!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours :o)
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
That's a wonderful list. Happy Thanksgiving to you!
My TT is about past life regression.
Thanks, everyone! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great TT!!

If I haven't been by your blogs yet, I'll get there -- even if it takes me most of the week.
Great list! Sounds you have a great support system too! Thanks for stopping my blog.
It sounds like things are going wonderfully. I'll have to check back for updates.

Happy TT!!!
Another great TT.
Happy Thanksgiving Susan! Thanks for letting me be part of your world. :kiss:
Thanks, everyone.

And cheesy, special thanks to you. For being my friend, for being my groupie, for being THERE. *smooch*
Happy Thanksgiving!
I love to read all those peaceful list shown in this weeks TT. Yours is awesome!

.•:*¨¨*:•Happy Thanksgiving•:*¨¨*:•.

from Germany,

Great list for Thanksgiving.
Happy TT!
Great list! Happy Thanksgiving! (thanks for the kind words on my blog about the parent thing--mostly, I really enjoy meeting with parents, but I worry, of course!)
Very nice list!
Have a save and happy Thanksgiving!
Happy TT from Germany,
No more day jobs -- here here! ;) Happy Thanksgiving. :)
Happy Thanksgiving and T13! :)
Interesting list!

Thanks for stopping by mine!
Happy Thanksgiving...I'm kind of happy to be sitting here in my jammies catching up on blog-reading!
Great list!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy TT!!
Have a great thanksgiving...

Thanks for coming :D
Great list. Would love to talk to you about writing someday. Let me know when you have the time :) Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!
Gobble gobble! Happy belated Thanksgiving. Way to add yourself to all of the 'blogrolls'! I need to get on that.
Better late than never, babe. Glad to see you!
I always have fun coming to your site and checking out what's going on. VERY creative. Makes me think about the characters and what's going on. You go, Oh Great Creator! ;)
CM, you're the best!! Man, you made my day with that! Thanks!
so i know some people like a couple of those thursday 13..but i have a question would anybody rather go to work than one of their shows? great list..always look forward to them as well as you're other blogs..but I know I'm getting 13 things on thursday LOL..

so when's the green hair thingie coming again :::evil green:::
love those last two!

Hope you had a great holiday.
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