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Thursday Thirteen #2 -- For the Tour Manager

Thirteen ways that Mabel met her end

Thanks to L^2 for the new graphic to replace the defunct original!

Mitchell has this cheap acoustic named Mabel for those times when it's not smart to whip out one of his good guitars just to fill his hands. Mabel's become a legend within ShapeShifter because, being a cheap acoustic guitar, no one takes particularly good care of her. And so, she meets her end in many, many ways, each one memorable.

1. Stepped on (Mabel the first)
2. Broke her neck when she got in the way of Daniel and some girl, both too drunk to realize they weren’t climbing into a top bunk on the tour bus (Mabel the thirteenth, who conveniently left … uhh… guitar-string burn on Daniel’s … uhh… rear)
3. Stolen (two, ten, and sixteen) -- although Mitchell wouldn’t put it past her to run off with someone.
4. Jumped out of a moving tour bus (Mabel the twelfth)
5. Decided to Stay in Omaha (Mabel the third, who visits the band every time they come through)
6. Lost her head during tuning (Mabel the sixth)
7. Given to a particularly grateful fan (Mabel the fourth and eleventh)
8. Jumped in the middle of a game of Naked Twister (Mabel the seventeenth)
9. Decided to take a soak in the hot tub (Mabel the ninth)
10. Took a dive down the stairwell from the hotel’s twelfth floor during a particularly boring party (Mabel the eighth)
11. Drowned her sorrows, and herself, in a bottle of JD (Mabel the fourteenth)
12. Got in the middle of a food fight (Mabel the seventh)
13. Tried to join a day off in the pool (Mabel the fifteenth)

And, as an honorable mention because it hasn’t happened yet, broken over Mitchell’s head when Kerri gets angry with him.

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Those Mabel's have sure been around! A great (and different) list!!
Very cute! I know many musicians, and they all seem to have a myriad of guitars. I'll have to ask them if they named them.

Thanks for stopping by my TT!
Creative list this week!
It took me a minute to figure out what was going on. NOW I get it. VERY creative. Good list of Mabel actions, and interesting to think about the full plots. ;)

I've posted my Thursday Thirteen, too. Enjoy!
Poor Mabel!!!
Wow, thanks, everyone! I had a lot of fun creating this, and when Trevor's Song comes out, you'll see some of this in the narrative itself... I don't want to give anything away, but it's a fun scene (of course!).

I hope you'll all stop back again soon.
very creative TT!!
I don't know which is my favorite demise of Mabel. Although Daniel getting guitar-string burn on his rear is very funny.
man i thought i left a comment on your's eating a lot of my comments lately. >-<. Please feed your blog before I try to post. LOL

Hey the Mabel trying to get into that twister game was already naked. And besides twister is fun w/or without clothes. LOL
*Shocked face*

How can you even contemplate doing that to innocent guitars?! I'm appalled. :D
ls, I thought of you as I posted this and *almost* hijacked your blue guitar picture! Man, it was tempting!!! But your blue guitar is waaaaaaay nicer than all the Mabels put together.

Cheesy, Daniel and the guitar-string-burn will be back... have no fear. *wink*

And musie, my blog's eating your comments so that you come back more often, of course! (actually, make sure you get the word verification right before you close the window. That might be the problem.)

Thanks, everyone! *waves*
now you know i can't read or write and especially those so called words.
I know. I have trouble with them, too.

But I've seen what can happen withOUT the security and it's scary!
just saying "hi"... 'cause I know all about Mabel...

< pretending to be all cool and in-the-know >
Creative list! Thanks for stopping by!
Karen you ARE cool and in the know!
Janene's comment was eaten by blogger, but she said she would have liked to have been around for the demise of Mable the eighth, even if the party was boring.

I'd have liked to see the splinters from that one, myself.
I think I like Honourable Mention best but then again I am definitely uncool LOL
I've actually written the honorable mention, but it might have been edited out. I've written so much about these people, it's getting a bit overwhelming. We'd better get a book deal soon, so I can move on to some of the other cool people in and around Riverview.
the one about Mabel the sixth cracks me up everytime I see it.
And you know I'm visiting here a lot...just don't start a tab or charging me rent.

Oh the one that was left w/a fan..reminded me of what a person told my friend what they would have done w/a musician's water bottle. :::blush::
NOT going near the water bottle (Hey, I read The Dirt. I know all about these things). Just NOT doing it.

Figured someone would get the pun in #6. Maybe more have and just haven't commented.

As for rent, well, what can I say? You're making my hit counter VERY happy. And for that, I thank you.
Very creative and funny! Have....a cookie! *wink*
"Jumped in the middle of a game of Naked Twister"... LOL! Ummm... yeah.
Aww, Candy, admit it, you're jealous that the guitar gets to have fun adventures while we're stuck at home with husbands and kids.

I swear, if I'd known Naked Twister would lead to such imprisonment, I'd have kept my clothes on!!! *grin*

Thanks for the cookie, Andrew! Chocolate chip, my fave! *bigger grin*
I hope Mable the ninth took a bubble bath with bath salts. Cmon, we all know that Mitchell carries them around with him sometimes LOL
Candy wants to play naked twister..hopefully not just w/the guitar. LOL

I knew you knew about things like the water bottle.

I had actually noticed it the first time but like so many things lately, I forgot.

I think Lauren's right or at least it's in their rider (isn't that what their list of demands is called?)

making a counter very happy and that makes me happy. =)

Hey, I don't have a husband or kid, well except my dog, and he's naked so I think we're off to play twister..w/the band. ;)
Not *MY* band, you're not! *Grin*

One day, I'll do a Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen Things in ShapeShifter's Tour Rider (you got the term right). It's on the list, have no fears!
that's some list! lol! my tt's up! ;)
Thanks, Ribb!
fine..if I can't have your band..I'll have a band of my own..which will talk your band into playing the game too..:snicker:
Go for it! The more, the merrier!
Very creative ways Mabel has of meeting her end!
Thanks, Geekwif! LOVE the username, btw. It could be me!
hey you mean one didn't get eaten by the man from mars? (showing my age, sing blondie's rapture) =0
Blondie!!! Wow!
I wasn't even blogging when this list came out. Now, jumping into Naked Twister was not a wise move - for several reasons.
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