Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen things ShapeShifter had to get past to get where they are now

1. Finding all four members (how Trevor did this without putting an ad in the paper, no one really knew. Daniel and Eric both said that one day, there was this total stranger named Trevor, offering them a spot in his band. Good thing they were smart enough to trust Trevor's charisma)

2. Surviving practicing in the Voss' basement, with Amy as the peanut gallery and Sonya as the band Mom.

3. Getting good. (Or, in some cases *coughTrevorcough*, learning how to play.)

4. Landing their first gig. (Trevor seduced a clueless waitress into putting in a good word with the club owner.)

5. Recording their first demo. (Daniel offered to play drums on the producer's little brother's country band to get better studio time, which was largely wasted by four largely clueless little boys.)

6. Making their first t-shirts -- after they had to tape one of the design choices back together and wipe the spit off it.

7. Getting gigs out of state before they had JR as their manager. (Accomplished by Daniel calling small holes-in-the-walls that Trevor found, or by Daniel calling bands they'd opened for in Riverview and, while Mitchell rolled on the floor with laughter in the background, begging to open for them again even though a lot of them sucked and weren’t heard of again.)

8. Touring in Mitchell's dad's Ford Bronco, with a trailer on back for their gear and one sleeping bag for the four of them to use in the cargo area.

9. Landing their manager, who previously had been a mail boy at a bigger management company, but who harbored dreams of being on his own and, like Mitchell, needed the push from Trevor to up and do it.

10. The celebration the night they signed their first record deal, when Daniel ran naked up and down the street in front of All Access, screaming that ShapeShifter was getting out of this shithole town and was never coming back.

11. Pam.

12. A blonde rhythm guitarist/singer who all the girls lusted for showing up at the end of a three-day-break sporting green hair that he hadn’t dyed and was desperate to get rid of. (remind me to tell you that one…)

13. Repeated Death by Cheese

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Cool list. Happy TT!
Now I'm curious about the guy with green hair that's not dyed! lol

My TT is up :)
I always know when it's Thursday... I pop over here and see that Thursday Thirteen thing happening! :)

I guess when I'm back from vacation, I'm totally going to have to check it out in more detail!
hahahah sounds like a interesting group of characters!
Happy Thursday!
Well Shapeshifter certainly has an interesting life-
Yeah, if my life were only half as interesting as ShapeShifter's...

I'll try to write up the story of Mitchell and the green hair, but there are some outtakes in the queue ahead of it. Ahh... time. Wherefore art thou?
Great list! Is Pam new? Or am I having a brain fart?
I DEMAND to know the green hair story. Okay maybe demand is too strong a word. I do know that I will slowly drive myself insane thinking up ways for this to have occurred and I won't rest until you tell the story.

Wow. He's been around!

Thanks for visiting my Thursday Thirteen #19 Fun Facts About Ohio Edition!
Dane, have no fear. I'll tell the story. It's good one. Sex, beer and ... nah. Finishing this off will spoil it for you!

heh heh Het!
I've seen it do awful things. :D

Nice list. I especially like number three!
Yeah, three's one of my favorites. Poor Trevor, forming a band before taking up an instrument!

And go on and guess all you want about Mitchell's condition. You might be right, but then again, you might be wrong... *wink*
I am sort of lost on this, but will try to go back and read. New blog to me, very interesting.
i've heard several bands that are or once were very famous talk about how most or all of them or the ones that wanted it badly didn't know how to play an instrument.
can i be the clueless waitress being seduced? and can i be a waitress at several diff places that Shapeshifter wants to play at. ;)

Excellent Thursday 13 Well worth the wait. =)

I was also thinking chlorine but now thinking it might be something totally different.
Hi, Duchess. Hope you've figured some things out and will come back often.

Musie, weren't you at relays yet when we had the whole discussion about Mitchell's green hair?
Sounds like a good story!

Thanks for stopping by my TT!
maybe..i hardly remember my own name, don't be offended by me not remembering the green hair..oh yeah i was...i still don't remember which one was chosen and umm you could have always changed your mind. =)
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